Helen Thomas Surprising Anti-Israel Comments

I have admired and mostly agreed with reporter, Helen Thomas, points and points of view. On Israel we do not agree.

When asked about Israel today she said, “They should go home.” When asked, “Where?” She responded, “Poland, Germany, the US…”  Israel is our home.  Why does she not see that?  She was old enough at the time to understand the need for the establishment of our Israel.

She commented that the Jews did not belong in the Middle East. This thinking is what has infected the world to believe that Jews somehow came magically into being in small enclaves around the world.

Maybe I can give her the benefit of the doubt that due to her advanced age of 89 she is no longer entirely competent.  But, why this?  Why now?  Why ever?

I would like to say that she is anti-semitic. Except that she is a Semite as well, having been born a Jordanian Arab. Semite merely describes a dark-skinned, dark-haired person.

Truth is we Jews began as Egyptians. We jews were merely Egyptians who had a different point of view. That point of view included a broader world view. We wanted nothing more than to be free in only a small area of our own birth and history. No different really than any people.

For that throughout history we have been reviled.  I will never understand why.  For trying to break free from slavery we became a unifying point around which others will point their crooked, fecal covered fingers, still warm from scratching their ancient behinds, to say “They are bad.  We are good.”

Errors, omissions, and outright lies abound about Jews and Israel. Most are unfounded. Perfect, the Jews are not.  Yet, the lies are perpetuated by those who wish to end the existence of Jews. They do not recognize them selves as the Crusaders of long ago, or recent Nazis and their sympathizers. But, they are.

These anti-Jewish/Israeli liars continue the eons old desire to kill.  They chose a well accepted target.  Jews.

Despite a 3,000 year-old stela somewhere in the Middle East, I forget where, the boast that they “have killed all Jews” was important enough to carve into stone. Those that carved this boast into stone are no longer in existence. It is clear they were wrong.

Last century the World governments gave Jews the itty, bitty, sliver of land that became Israel. They did this as they recognized the extent of the need to allow us to recover and to provide a singular, safe location for a long oppressed peoples.  This land was taken and molded with great sacrifices and difficulty and under the constant threat of death merely for being.  Now, they (the World, Arabs, Sympathizers) want abuse the Jews by reclaiming our land. If we give them our cities, East Yerushalyim, or Gaza as a country then, what will they kill us over next? The squeeze has always been on.  To give the so-called Palestinians Gaza or the West Bank would only be a momentary satisfaction.  Would it be a year, a few, a decade before the hatred they taught their children is washed away.  Would they try to live in peace.  Is it even conceivable that Arabs would allow any rest at all. They frequently say one thing and do another.

It is clear it will not end. Love Israel and support her.

Not one relationship in the entire world is perfect.  Hell, our own marriages and family of origins are filled with disagreement, pain, anger, and strife. Yet, we sleep with the enemy and love the enemy. We work with the  trying to resolve the problems. We do not kill our spouses, our siblings, our friends just because we do not agree with them.

Neither should the Arab world hate and desire to kill Jews because they disagree.


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