June 8, 2010 Tuesday

Ok, I have decided after only a very little experience I DO like Linux.

Both computers were messed up. Thank god, one of Ariel’s friends, Josh, is a computer guy. For a reasonable amount of money he wiped my hard drives and installed Linux. I hadn’t realized it would look a lot like MAC. Which, is not bad.

Josh made sure everything worked. He had a little irritation trying to get my video and microphone working. They did not want to cooperate for a while.

I am feeling happy with my computers again. My laptop is loading again. It has been a couple of months since I was able to use my laptop. I was sure it was just plain dead. Not so sure that I wasn’t willing to have someone try to resuscitate it.

The PC never worked right. Vista was on both of these systems and it SUCKED like a gaping wound. Josh got that one working correctly, too.

Ariel’s Graduation Party is this weekend. I need to start cooking. All the planning is in my head. Too bad. It really ought to be on paper if it has any chance of getting done.

My brain’s memory capacity is a bit like the land of the lost. It’s so bad “Land of the Lost” is playing on the mental screen. The remake. Not that the TV show was any good was memorable either.

Thanks, again, Josh. Now, can you install about 16GB of internal human memory into my brain?


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