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Grocery Bags Reuse, Reduce, Recycle¬©

I first encountered canvas grocery bags over 20 years ago.  Carr’s grocery stores in Anchorage,  Alaska offered them for sale. Carr’s (bought out by Safeway in 1999) was well ahead of its time. Continuing its historical pattern of being ahead … Continue reading


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Things That Make Me NUTS! Boom Cars

I do not want to listen to your music. If I wanted to listen to what you were listening to then I would do so. In the privacy of my own vehicle or earphones listening to my music or podcast. If I wanted to listen to what you are listening to I want to be able to do it at a time and decibel of my own choosing. Continue reading

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Things that Make Me NUTS! Littering Litterers

Contrary to that assumption it must be that containers taken into parks, campgrounds, picnic areas, beaches, mountains, glaciers, etc get heavier and fuller once its original contents are removed. That has to be it. Otherwise, if the heavier when empty theory is false then, (hey, I am using an “if, then” statement. Yay, me.) people are just slovenly, lazy, dirty, nasty, uncaring, rude, imposing, and anti-ecologically aware IDIOTS! Continue reading

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If I could think myself thin then, I would be Goldie Hawn. Continue reading

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Why I Am Fat 24/7

Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad of RadioLab interviewed a scientist who did a study giving individuals 2-digit numbers to remember. He then, sent them down a hall to another room. While on their way to the next room a woman … Continue reading

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Why aren’t all cell phones like PALM? Like maybe Motorola CliqMB200

***** T-Mobile supports all sorts of other cell and smart phone brands why not PALM? So, I switched to the Motorola Cliq MB200. It is a decent phone. It has LOTS of applications (apps for those who prefer) that I do love. After all is said and done it ain’t no PALM. ***** Continue reading

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