Why aren’t all cell phones like PALM? Like maybe Motorola CliqMB200

Why aren’t all cell phones like PALM?  Like maybe Motorola Cliq MB200.

Really, why is that?  PALM is so intuitive.  I had PALM smart phones from 2000-2010.  I had to have the latest, you know.  The only reason I do not have one now is that my provider will not support Palm.  They did some years ago.  Then, for reasons unfathomable to me they stopped.

T-Mobile supports all sorts of other cell and smart phone brands why not PALM?  So, I switched to the Motorola Cliq MB200.  It is a decent phone.  It has LOTS of applications (apps for those who prefer) that I do love.  After all is said and done it ain’t no PALM.

However, I was and continue to be a walking, talking advertisement for PALM.  I LOVE PALM.  T-Mobile must hate PALM.  I say that because T-Mobile does not support PALM.  That is a choice T-Mobile made.  Why that is I can only imagine.  And, I can imagine some pretty weird stuff.  I would have a jailbroken or is that jailbreaked?  (Has that become a real word in today’s vernacular?) Anyway, I would have a jail breaked PALM today, if I could afford it.  I needed a new phone.  Sadly, the speaker in my PALM 680 no longer spoke to me.  I kept it long beyond when the speaker failed.  I could not bear to part with  my PALM.  I looked and looked and called, and asked T-Mobile if they could or would support PALM.  No.
That’s it.                                                         No.

I was devastated.  I guess that is why I kept my mute PALM too long.  I mean, it wasn’t just my kids who were YELLING at me that the damn thing wasn’t speaking to them either.     I was actually getting a lot of hang ups because no one could hear me.  Which, I have to say is pretty funny.  Because, my kids usually didn’t want me to speak to them anyway.  They were teenagers at the time.  Any of you with teens knows what I mean.  Frequently, they were yelling at me to stop yelling at them.  As Linda Ellerbee said, And so it goes.

It wasn’t just my kids, it was my friends and business people were commenting about it.

PALM vs. Motorola Cliq MB200.  PALM WINS hands down.

Hmmm, can I insert a table into this WordPress blog?  I am gonna find out right now.  I will return momentarily.  Because, I want you to see why I LOVE PALM. And, I am really, totally dissatisfried (yup, misspelled on purpose) with Motorola’s Cliq MB200.

OK, there really are some things I like about the Motorola Cliq MB200.  But, to be fair I don’t know how the current PALM’s  perform.  But, based on my previous use even the OLD PALM’s were already so advanced of any of the current phones.  Heck it was a better iPhone years before there even was an iPhone.

PALM vs. Motorola Cliq MB 200
CONTACT INCLUDES :-):-) Contact Comparison/Problems 😦 😦
Import Full online contact info in one procedure 🙂 NON-Importable

Item by item copy>exit program>open Contacts>locate field>paste>close Contacts>open original program>locate info to copy/cut>close>return to Contacts>locate proper field>paste>>>>>Repeat ad-infinitim 😦

Exportable in total via Bluetooth, IR, Email, Text 🙂 NON-exportable.

Except by reversing above long, drawn out locate>copy>exit>enter Contacts>locate field>……..Well, you get the picture. 😦

Fields easily renamed Fields fairly stuck in Motorola’s format
Extra fields only when desired -) Lots of extra Notes fields from each email account connected to. Need to be able to delete unnecessary items in each Contact 😦
Go To Date 🙂 Nope 😦
White background easier to see text 🙂 Black background not so easy on eyes.  ‘Specially at night.   😦
Background choices 🙂 Nope 😦
Text color choices 🙂 Nope 😦
Text size choices 🙂 Nope 😦
Nope 😦
REPEAT’ function easy, like, every 3rd Tuesday 🙂 Repeat events are rigidly controlled and cannot be custom set 😦
Does not interfere with what is on-screen 🙂 Interferes with typing by covering 2/3 of the page. One must scroll down, carefully, so as not to go to far or not far enough or hit a key you didn’t mean to hit. 😦
Close together 🙂 Spread out fine 🙂
Able to put keyboard onscreen 🙂 Cannot take keyboard off-screen in Landscape mode
Keyboard takes up screen area, so smaller screen 😦 Larger screen 🙂
No slide out 😦 Slide out 🙂
Punctuation access on main keyboard 🙂 Punctuation requires toggling to entirely different keyboard 😦
Texts GREAT 🙂 When texting or composing emails the keyboard cannot be moved or reduced.
Emails GREAT 🙂 Cursor gets stuck on last character 😦
Cursor very responsive 🙂 Stubborn cursor. Freezes on last character causing text to jump back to cursor’s location even though you have scrolled down. VERY BAD. :-[
Hard ‘RETURN’ button easy to use Hard ‘RETURN’ causes keyboard to disappear when I just want to go to the ‘Next’ field 😦
Scrolls OK :-/ Scrolls Easily 🙂
Lots of other advantages 🙂 Many other disadvantages 😦

BTW, you can insert a table into this blog.  It took a bit of time to figure it out.  But, I did it.  Yay for me.  🙂

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