Things that Make Me NUTS! Littering Litterers


Maybe this should be some sort of scientific experiment that begins with the question,What force of physics causes full containers to become heavier when empty?

I must find out.  Here is my theory: It just seems to me that this is the real reason people litter.  I mean, if it were lighter, smaller, more compact, when empty then, people would surely take out what they brought in.  Right?

Contrary to that assumption it must be that containers taken into parks, campgrounds, picnic areas, beaches, mountains, glaciers, etc get heavier and fuller once its original contents are removed.  That has to be it.  Otherwise, if the heavier when empty theory is false then, (hey, I am using an “if, then” statement. Yay, me.) people are just slovenly, lazy, dirty, nasty, uncaring, rude, imposing, and anti-ecologically aware IDIOTS!

I walk my dog nearly every day around the park closest to my home.  Sometimes, I pick up what litter I can.  None of it mine, you see.  At all times I am sickened by and irritated with the litter left by IDIOTS who litter.

Last weekend when walking my dog, around 10:00 am, I saw a group of adult (they were at least wearing adult bodies.) men unpacking a couple of cars.  There were coolers, and boxes, and a brand new BBQ grill they were unpacking from its original box.   I could tell the BBQ grill was brand new because, they had to tear at the flaps to get it open.  I thought to myself (thinking to the dog would be pointless.  Then, again, thinking to myself is equally pointless.) oh, back on track…..I thought to myself that I ought to take a picture of these men while they are unpacking.  The thought went on to form an experiment to see if the before picture would show all the stuff brought in, and the after picture hopefully showing they packed out what they packed in.  My theory was actually that the after photo would show how much trash equals litter they left behind.  Maybe I could even send the photo to the city parks and recreation department to try to get find these guys (license plates) and ticket them.  My hope being that they would be more conscientious the next time.

I waited nearly 24 hours before going back to the park, going back to that same spot, walking the same little dog, to see whether those same men had picked up after themselves.  Or not.

Wanna guess?

NOT!  Not only was their paper, plastic utensils, paper and foam plates, but, the original BBQ box remained behind.  Anyone really surprised.

When I saw this, strongly suspecting this is what I would see, I wished I had taken a before photograph.  Why I didn’t ranges from the, I don’t want a confrontation with 4-5 large, 20-30 something, strong-looking, rather pretty, well ‘cut’ young men.  I know me and my mouth and attitude would surely have gotten me into trouble.

Though, there are many times (waaaay too many times) I do not think ahead about the consequences of my own actions.  This time I not only thought ahead about my actions, probably saving my butt, but, I thought ahead and was correctly able to predict their actions.  Or inaction as it were.

I don’t know where I got my ultimate respect for nature.  I just know I got and got it deeply inside of me.  So deeply that I will walk around the park close to my house, where I walk my dog nearly every day, and occasionally pick up other people’s (really they are idiots) trash and litter.

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