Things That Make Me NUTS! Boom Cars


I do not understand the arrogance of the people who drive BOOM Cars.  I don’t know what else to call them. Because, that is what they do.  They BOOM.  The amount of money these guys (seriously, it is mostly guys) spend to cause premature deafness in themselves and any one riding or standing by one of these cars when their BOOM is on is shocking.  Sometimes, it is even painful.

I HATE BOOM CARS!  I do not want to listen to your music.  If I wanted to listen to what you were listening to then I would do so.  In the privacy of my own vehicle or earphones listening to my music or podcast. If I wanted to listen to what you are listening to I want to be able to do it at a time and decibel of my own choosing.


  1. The bass is so deep that it literally makes my liver quiver.
  2. I have an inner ear problem.  Certain sounds make me dizzy.  Often even a particular tone of my own making.  To have an external source causing this phenomenon is truly life altering and quite upsetting.
  3. The decibel level is so high that I cannot avoid hearing what you are playing.
  4. Frequently, what you are playing is completely offensive.  Either it is calling women (including yo momma) Ho’s, or bitches, like we are no more than dogs in heat waiting for your miniature dick to penetrate us.
  5. I may be trying to have a conversation of my own, in my own vehicle and the depth of bass and high decibel from your BOOM Car interrupts my conversation
  6. BOOM Cars = Bass = B-ASS                      Self explanatory ain’t it.
  7. Being able to afford a BOOM Car (BM Car for short?  As in Bowel Movement =Shit Car 🙂 does not make you cool.  Having something you paid for is not the definition of cool.  Being cool means beingBeing cool is a matter of action.  Your personal actions define the verb being it does NOT mean buying cool shit.   Buying is not BEING!
  8. Having your baby in a BM Car is totally UNcool and likely to damage the infant or childs hearing prematurely.  Do you really want that responsibility for causing someones becoming deaf?
  9. You can afford the hundreds sometimes thousand$$$$$$ of dollars to buy and install the boom equipment.
  10. How is it that you can afford to Boom Car equipment but not your Child Support?
  11. You can afford Boom Car equipment but, not to live in a decent neighborhood?
  12. You can afford Boom Car equipment but, not to support worthwhile life saving or earth saving vehicles to install it in?
  13. You can afford Boom Car equipment but, not to pay your bills?  (Personal experience from being a professional debt collector in another life.)
  14. Add your own reasons……..

I wish the level of decibel created by these shitty cars were made illegal.  For so many reasons we should protect our hearing.  I mean really isn’t this like the easiest thing on the face of the earth that we can do to protect a part of ourselves?  It is literally as easy as the turn of a dial.

It seems to me that personal/vehicle use sound amplifiers should be restricted to reaching only the levels of decibel that do not harm hearing.  this should also be true for MP3 and other listening devices.


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