I Am Old

Masters program student teacher, Adam H., asks Ms. G’s 2nd grade class, “Do you know how a foot measruement was decided to be this length?

A king a long time ago used his actual foot.”

I am volunteering in my friends classroom.   Smart ass that I am I happen to say, “I knew that.”

So, here I am sitting in a chair next to 8 year old,  Kelsey.  She looks up from the floor where she is sitting at my feet, and asks, “How did you know that?”

Me. “Because I am o-o-l-ld.”

Kelsey, “You mean since God was alive?”

“Yes.” I hang my head, “I am that old.”


About mishl53

Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, Pro-Social Programs, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Pro-Common Sense Return to Government and USA Society.
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