Happy HALLOWEEN Dustin Returning from Jewish Homeland

Nov 19.  Is gonna be a GREAT DAY!!!

Well, the day will be frought with anxiety and tension.  Until, touchdown approximately 7:34 pm.

I don’t know what is going on for Thanksgiving now.   He just totally blew me away this morning.  He’d been telling me, “Dad won’t buy me a ticket home.”  Of course, I didn’t understand this.  Because, I knew he would.  In fact, we had talked about it.  So had Ariel and her Dad.  So, I didn’t get that except that maybe they were not getting along.  Even then, I knew that was not right.  But, I accepted it.

Dustin has been telling me that he is planning to meet a Swedish (non-Jewish) girl(friend) in Egypt in the Sinai at the Red Sea for a diving trip and then on to Cape Town, South Africa.  I had insisted that he send me a copy of his itinerary for his entire trip.  And that when he got to Africa he call me or email me daily exactly where he was and was going to.  He argued with me about “checking in”.  But, I told him that god forbid anything bad happen at least I would be able to tell the authorities, embassy, his last known whereabouts within 48 hours.  He finally acquiesced and agreed to my demands.  Charlotte has a week off from school and they are going to dive together on the Straits of Tiran.  He wants to dive off South Africa to see sharks.  Kid’s always had a thing for sharks.  I would almost swear it was like the 5th word he actually said as a baby.

So, this whole time I am waiting for him to send me his itinerary for the beginning of the trip to Egypt and the next leg for Capt Town, South Africa.  I’ve been talking to a friend who told me she has a cousin in Cape Town who might want to meet Dustin.  I talked to Dustin about this and he has told me that would be great to meet her when he gets there.  So, my friend is talking with her cousin to get all the contact info and I am talking to my friend, Nadene, as the emails are zooming around the friggin’ world.  I am keeping Dustin up on the process of this as it’s happening.  Though, we knew the time frame was pretty loose at that point.

So, he asks me several times if I am at my computer.  I was actually out walking Jewel at the park.  So, I cut it short and hurried her home. We were talking on the phone the whole time.  He had called me twice this morning while I was in the shower.  It wasn’t until after I was out of the shower, dried, dressed, taken my morning meds, leashed Jewel, out the door, forgot my sunglasses (yeah, the sun is actually out this morning and I needed them) went back in to the garage because, they are in the car, back out of the garage, then, out of the house, and on the way to walk Jewel.  Turned on my phone to start listening to my last podcast of This American Life when I realized I had a notification of a missed call.  So, I checked and saw it was Dustin.  So,  I called him.  He couldn’t hear me.  Damnit.  I hung up and called again.  I could hear him perfectly.  Again, he could not hear me.  He called me back and could hear me fine.  THANK GOD, already!

So, he starts telling me he has his itinerary and I need to look at it.  That’s when I tell him I am out walking Jewel.  He is a good secret keeper.  Both he and Ariel are.  Darn it! I explain I am about 10 minutes from home.  We keep talking about his plans to dive and how Charlotte is and what is going on there, and he’s frustrated because she isn’t on SKYPE tonight (his time), Are you there yet, Mom?  No, I am about 10-8 minutes away.  Charlotte has a week off from school so they are going to go to the Sinai.  I have no idea what school or major she is pursuing.  Never thought to ask, til’ just this moment.  I am about 4 minutes away now.  I am approaching the front door.  It’s gonna take me a few to get the dog inside, fed, DAMN IT! I forgot to throw the bag of poop out at my neighbors around the corner.  Keeps my inside garbage from stinking. Dan keeps his can outside and approved my using it.  I dropped it outside the front door, thinking, knowing I will pick it up and use it again the next time I take Jewel out.  I am not in a HUGE hurry.  But, I am trying to get it all together.  Jewel is finally fed, I run* upstairs, turn on my computer, wait, sign in, and……..

He’s been misdirecting me for the past two months.  This morning he insisted I get on my email.  So, I cut the dog’s walk short came home, fed her quickly, ran (well, my version of running) up the stairs, of course, the computer was not on.  So, I have to turn it on an WAIT……………………..

Sign in to email.  Open the one that says MY ITINERARY.  I didn’t really look at the location he was gong to at first.  I just assumed it was the first leg of his Egypt journey.  Then, I slowly processed the information. It took me a couple of minutes, literally, before I could grasp what it said, PDX.

I just sobbed.  By that time we were on SKYPE.  So, I could see him laughing and smiling at me, my GOD he is BEAUTIFUL, I am thinking, while I was sobbing and trying to tell him I love him through my tears.  Though, he could not actually hear me tell him, I LOVE YOU, in my squeaking mouse voice squeezed out through my sobbing, he knew exactly what I was saying.

So, I now don’t know what to do about Thanksgiving.  I was going to go up to my niece and her family in Oak Harbor, WA.  I didn’t even think about it while I was talking to him.  It wasn’t until I checked the rest of my mail and noticed a GROUPON for thanksgiving dishes delivered for 75% off.  Then, it hit me.  Holy SHIT!  He is going to be here during Thanksgiving.  Now what?   Ariel, her friends, his friends, Dustin, too, of course, will all want to have Thanksgiving together now.  Now, what.  I have to talk to Ariel and Dustin about this piece of the plan.

So, now I am thinking I should buy the GROUPON have my niece and her family come down here and celebrate in style!  Not making any plans just yet.  This is just my thinking processes going on as I stream my consciousness out before us.

Really this is my Chanukah gift from him.
I hope your days are all as good as mine is has been!



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