Motorola Cliq MB200 SUCKED! Replaced by Garmin Asus phone

I am so much happier with the Garmin Asus Phone.  However, to get it took more time and patience than I wanted to expend on the process.

No short stories in my life.

When I realized my Cliq was failing, dead space on touch screen, some keys not working, I decided it was time to contact my carrier, T-Mobile, to ask for a replacement.  And so the process begins.  I properly perform all of the electronic inputs.  You know, enter your mobile phone number, confirm by entering your PIN, and wait because all of their so-called Customer Service representatives are busy.

I wait.  About 3 minutes.  The first young woman who gets on the line asks me for the very same phone number I was just prompted to input just to be put on hold.  But, I giver her my number. I actually thought that might begin the customer service part.  Nope.  She asks me for the PIN number now, too.  Really?  Then, what the hell was the point of inputting it via my home phone keypad?  This is so frustrating.  Since everything is electronic I assumed that information would be passed onto the customer service rep along with my call.  Nope.

So, I tell her about the troubles I am having.  She tells me that I should first do a hard reset.  I tell her I have done that.  I plainly explain to her that I accomplished all the resent options before I called.  I have had a cell phone long enough now to know the drill.  It is not too unlike a computer that is misbehaving.  This is the correction phase, note this is not a punitive phase.

She is surprised by my problems.  That is until she checks her computer to find out my complaints are considered “known” issues.  If they “know” about these common issues with the Cliq then, why did they not create patches or better yet, recall the damn things!

Anyway, we get through the initial reset instruction to the part where I tell her I want a new phone.  I really did not so much tell her as I demanded a new phone.  She seemed so surprised.  In fact, she told me that she actually has had the same phone, a Cliq, since February and has not had any problems with it.  WHAT THE F!??!

I told her that her phone was not MY phone and her sharing that she’s had no troubles is not at all helpful.  Her experience has no bearing at all on the problems I am experiencing. It was as if her telling me that she has the same phone and it works fine that I should just, what?  Shut up? Hang up? and be glad that she has a working Cliq.  That SO pissed me off.

I then, insisted that she send me a replacement.  OK, she finally agreed.  And the shipping charge is $19.95.  I was being charged to have the “known” faulty phone replaced?  That was not acceptable.  It was not my fault this darned phone didn’t work properly.  I pointed out to her that because the problems were already “known” and my phone problems were not unique that she, T-Mobile, should bite the bullet and pay the freight.  I finally helped her to understand that I should not have to pay one penny to get a new phone for one that is still covered under warranty and does not work as advertised, even though, her phone worked just fine.

So, about 3 days later I find a UPS shipped package at my front door.  I happily get it into my house.  I am excited it is sort of like a new toy.  Except I am not all that thrilled.  Because, now I have to get all of the numbers and addresses transferred from the faulty phone to the new Cliq.  Nothing like replacing a “known” faulty product with that same faulty product.  But, I will get to that in just a bit.  I have to figure out how to save some information to my SD card so it will transfer to the new Cliq.  I have all of my important information saved in a particular Android Application that I rely heavily upon.

In order to get all the information transferred I have to find and go to an actual physical, as they say, brick and mortar building .  I am able to have this process applied to my phones.  So, I go to the nearest T-Mobile outlet 2.6 miles from my home and they figure out, after a few minutes, that they actually can accomplish this task.  YAY!

I go back home, package up the bad actor phone into the box the new supposedly good little Cliq came in.  I apply all the labels appropriately.  I find and go to a UPS shipping store, take the faulty phone in hand it over get a receipt with a tracking number and happily leave the store experiencing the mixed emotions of a child with a new toy and annoyance at having to get back onto the Android Market application to replace all those I had downloaded to the bad actor phone.

I spend a few hours accomplishing this task and feel very self-satisfied as a result of accomplishing the task I set out to do. However, and this is a HUGE However two of the keys on the slide out keypad simply do not work.  I am really angry at this point.  But, I keep the phone for a couple of days because I am just too upset.  I know that if I contact T-Mobile Customer Service right now I will explode all over them.  This would not be a good thing.  Instead, I use the phone for these few days.  That is until this new supposedly(HAH) properly working Cliq adds two digits to the number I want to call.  This is kind of an important call.  It is to 911.  My hands and fingers are a little shaky from the experience (I will get to that) and I apparently or maybe the phone did it and I don’t know for sure it did not.  But, two asterisks ** were added.  I am supposed to be able to erase these errant symbols with the “back” key.  But, the “back” key is not working.  I am about to freak the fuck out. I know I am yelling to myself though I am convinced my angry words are supposed to be heard by that dumbass Customer Service girl who thought that just because her Cliq, that she’s had since February works, I should not be bothering her at work.  Um, isn’t her work to actually help people like me in this type of situation?  She apparently didn’t think so.  Anyway, I drive off the bridge, pull over, and stop.  I am now so distraught the only way to get my 911 call through using this new working phone is to back out of the telephone keypad and dialing application to the Home screen.  Then, I go back to the phone’s keypad and am able to dial 911 without the errant symbols.

I am so upset it is hard for me to make comprehensible sentences.  Though, the dispatcher was very kind.  I was able to report to her that a man was walking on the east bound side of the narrow bridge I just came over.  He is dressed in black.  There is no sidewalk on this side of the bridge.  It is about 9:30 p.m. and it is raining.  I nearly hit him.  I was calling 911 to get  this man off the dark, rainy, narrow, and heavily trafficked bridge.  fortunately, someone else was able to get their calls about this guy into 911 with swift dispatch.  The 911 operator assured me that she had already received several calls and the police were on their way.

I get home and am too tired, coming down from my adrenaline rush of fear that this guy was going to get hit and have made himself into someone else’s nightmares.  I was also so damn glad it would not be me that might be forced to endure the pain of knowing even though it was not the driver’s fault the guilt would still be so emotionally burdensome.  The sights, and sounds of this guys body breaking over the hood of the next car or truck and the look on his face as the blood gushes out of places that human bodies are not supposed to bleed.

Next day I call T-Mobile customer service (fuck the capital letters on this because they do not deserve the proper title of serving their customers).  The young woman, though not the same as a few days prior is again, not helpful.  I tell her that I will not accept another Cliq because the two I have had just failed miserably and because of it’s other “known” failures.  Why it wasn’t recalled I don’t know.  I guess it isn’t like the run-a-way Toyota cars that actually killed people.

I insist on an upgrade.  She tells me that is not possible. I tell her it is and that if she cannot perform and authorize this action I will indeed speak to her or any Supervisor.  She calmly and with only the slightest hint of annoyance tells me that even the Supervisors cannot authorize a free upgrade to a better phone.  I ask her if she is a Supervisor.  She tells me she is not.  I then, explain to her that since she is not the Supervisor she does not know all of the options and powers available to Supervisors that are not available or bestowed upon the lowly creatures like herself.  She actually argues with me.  I take none of it.  I insist on speaking to a Supervisor.  This young woman asks if I mind waiting a minute while she finds a Supervisor.  In my head I see her eyes roll as she leans back out of her cubicle to talk to the slightly older woman sitting in the open cubicle next to her and tells her to “act like” she is the Supervisor.

After a minute, maybe a minute-and-a-half later, a slightly older female voice comes on my phone.  I quickly run down the timeline including the entire list of problems I have experienced with these two Cliq’s, including, the nerve-wracking inability to call 911.  I explain that because of this I will accept nothing less than an upgrade.  She immediately offers me a “half” an upgrade.  She tells me she cannot authorize a “full” upgrade.  I ask her what she means, specifically, what phone is she offering me.  She tells me that she can replace the faulty Cliq with a Garminphone.  I run down the list of all the things the Cliq can do and make sure the Garminphone performs those functions. She tells me that the Garminphone is also a GPS.  The Cliq did not have a GPS option included.  That would have been an additional application I would have had to buy.  I continue to ask her what the cost comparisons are between the Cliq and the Garminphone.  She tells me the Garminphone is more expensive.  She is patient though, a little rushed, confirming all of the functions of the Garminphone to me.  I am somewhat satisfied.  Though, I cannot be fully satisfied until I actually receive the new phone and try it out to see what functions it has and how well it performs. “Oh, and there will be no charge for shipping your new Garminphone.”  That makes me very happy.  1) Because, I did not have to even ask for this, and 2) Because, she seemed to have actually read the record of the problems I have already endured.

3 days later my new Garminphone arrives.  It is in perfect physical condition.  I switch out the SD cards, not knowing that the one it came with has the GPS software on it and without that the GPS will not work.  Again, I have to take both the second bad Cliq to the T-Mobile brick and mortar store to have my phone numbers, addresses, and other items switched from one to the other.  It being the day after Thanksgiving the store was jammed. I had to wait about 10 minutes before I was acknowledged and then, a few more minutes before someone became free.  He was a bit klutzy and unsure of the procedure. But, in short order he was able to transfer all the information.

I get home package up the bad Cliq and start playing with the NEW Garminphone.  I realize that there are duplicates, triplicates, and quadruplicates of most of the phone numbers. WHAT???

It takes me about 5-6 hours.  Yes, HOURS!  To figure out what happened and delete the multiplications. I have to check each one.  Because, it appears that each email, home, mobile, or other numbers have split apart, as if each was a separate entry.  OMFG!

Luckily, I had the time to do this.  The 2nd day after Thanksgiving.

I am, so far, VERY pleased with this new Garminphone.  Give me a couple of weeks to test it out.  If it becomes problematic I am sure you will eventually read about here.©


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