Is the “Arab Spring” the Big Bang?

The sound of the term “Arab Spring” carries such a hopeful feeling. While I do not know who coined this phrase I do hope the uprising in Tunisia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria and others shows a move toward moderation and modernism.

The funny thing is that so many Arab leaders and their supporters do not claim to want “Western” influences.  The truth to this lie is in the simple fact that the uprisings were brought about by the ultra modern Western and Israeli technology.  Yes, Western AND Israeli technology of cell phones, computers, internet, and the social media sites that were utilized to bring about the “Arab Spring”.

That is right. American and Israeli technology brought about the “Arab Spring”. Via text messaging or tweets on telephones young people became aware they, too, can have an impact on their own lives.

However, without any organization or leaders promoting positive ideas the uprising is no more than a riot of angry people without restraint or direction.  Purpose is needed.  The uprising need a focus and purpose to bring the men and women of the Arab nations together to work for a common world good devoid of a singular religious viewpoint.  Intolerance of non-Islamic beliefs will be doomed to failure.

I hope the young Arabs realize just how valuable the “Western” way of life can be to them. Not just the technology. But, the ideals that women really are human beings just like any one with a penis. Women DO deserve ALL the same rights, obligations, and responsibilities of any man. No woman should be required to have a male child write a letter of passage or escort his widowed Grandmother to the market, doctor, or friends home.  Women must not be seen as less than a male child.  After all it is the women who gave birth to and nurtured the male children.

The “Western” ideals and technology Arab men so roundly decry are exactly what they are using to get their message out. It is this medium that seems to be bringing some equality to women.  While women cannot, in so many Arab countries, be in public without hiding under an incredibly hot, uncomfortable, restricting, and imprisoning burqua, hijab, or other long face, and body covering garb they are finding freedom on the Internet.  Computers and smart-phones can create a leveling of the sexes.  Does this mean that the “West” and it’s technologies are only good for the Arab world, as long as it brings about chaos?  No, I do not believe that.  It can, with some growing pains have a positive result.  Unfortunately, the chaos can backfire. From this chaos can either come strong leaders willing to set aside their religious rigidity and hatred and create a new world.  Or the people can allow themselves to be drawn further down the chaotic road of ruin and restriction.

It is the backfire of this big bang that worries me.  While the uprising could be the catalyst for these cultures to come into the 21st Century it could also provide the rending in the cloth that allows the extremists to poke through and ruin the efforts of those creating the weft and woof of a new life in Arab lands.

Had Hamas, and Fatah BOTH agreed to fully support peace by agreeing to support the existence of Israel the uprising would have been a good thing. However, with Hamas reiterating, in no uncertain terms, their conviction to destroy Israel it is an violent outcome. As PM Netanyahu pointed out in his interview, as seen at, Hamas is still a terrorist organization bent on Israel and the United States of Americas destruction.  The why is nonsensical.

Hamas purposely targets children for death and dismemberment. This is not so different from the singular organization that is routinely named as prospective leaders in each of the countries experiencing an “Arab Spring”. Hamas is too much like the Muslim Brotherhood. I think the name says so much. It is about the brothers, men. Not sisters, mothers, aunts, woman. Not people. Not unified. Not equality. Not secular. This is a male only, religious, bullying, and violent organization. It is a danger to all who hold democracy, liberty, justice, and equality dear. The world must stand up for and hold fast to the non-religious rights of all people.

The very name of the Muslim Brotherhood is critical to decipher. “Hood” being an important term, in the vernacular of the USA has a negative meaning. Generally the “Hood” is where gangs thrive and control neighbors with bullets, brutalizing violence, and fear. Death, threats, beatings, vandalism and all manner of abuses. I do not believe the Muslim Brotherhood is what the world or the rioters are desiring.

I believe the young Arabs want peace. Mostly, they want jobs. Jobs that bring them pride in place, self, and accomplishments. Jobs that allow them to live less stressful lives. Jobs that pay well enough for them to provide better for themselves and their families.

I fervently hope Leaders appear who have all the positives and none of the negatives required to bring the Arab world into the 21st century. May the “Arab Spring” grow into a beautiful and fruitful movement toward abundancy, equality, justice, and intelligence of thought and action.


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One Response to Is the “Arab Spring” the Big Bang?

  1. I don’t share your level of optimism, but this article has been beautifully written and with clever observations.

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