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Write About the Dead

While driving home from an appointment Tuesday I was, as usual, listening to NPR. The person being interviewed was a woman who organizes and instructs memoir writing groups. She said some very interesting things. Many of them I wanted to … Continue reading

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Bilberry. Promotes Healthy Eye Vision. Really?

I happened to be talking to my friend, G, after shule one Saturday morning.  We were just standing around catching up on the week just behind us.  Who did what.  How are we each feeling.  You look like you are … Continue reading

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Post Waterfront Blues Fest or I am SO Friggin’ Tired

I volunteered yesterday July 3, at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival.  I spent about 5 hours in one spot.  I was the “Counter”.  I stood or sat, when needed, just inside the Main Gate.  Not to be confused with the … Continue reading

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Republicants Can’t Do Basic Math

It is unconscionable for anyone to argue in favor of keeping a tax deduction for corporate or private jets or the wealthy in general.  The last people on earth who need a tax break, i.e. help in paying their bills, … Continue reading

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How to Care for Your Mice – Or – You Stupid, STUPID Girl

I was at my Daughter’s one afternoon.  I was sitting at her kitchen table while she washed dishes.  She was a bit upset because one or more roommates were not being responsible for their own dirty dishes.  I suggested she … Continue reading

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