How to Care for Your Mice – Or – You Stupid, STUPID Girl

I was at my Daughter’s one afternoon.  I was sitting at her kitchen table while she washed dishes.  She was a bit upset because one or more roommates were not being responsible for their own dirty dishes.  I suggested she take their dirty dishes and place them on the offenders bed.  My Daughter would have none of that.  That is only one difference between she and me.  When I was a bit younger than her and had a roommate who consistently left her dirty dishes in the sink for one of us to clean I did exactly that.  That girl moved out pretty soon.  This made me quite happy as I no longer had to deal with four other roommates constantly complaining to me about the maggots and stink growing in their sink because of this girl.  I mean how many times can you take our your dishes until there are no more and then, use the dirty ones over and over.  All the while ignoring the growing stench and creatures appearing.  Seriously, yes, there were maggots.  Wretch.

She had the nerve to be upset that these horrible things had been put in her bed.  I had asked and then, told her on many occasions that she absolutely HAD to clean up after herself.  It was not any of our roommates job to be her personal maid.  I finally got so fed up that putting them in her room where it would have to bother her as much as her leaving them in the sink to rot and visually and aromatically would assault her roommates.  She was very unhappy with me.  How dare I.  Really?  How dare she!  Luckily, the rest of the roommates were happy at the outcome.  She moved.  Yay for me!

During our conversation one of the new roommates came in.  She was about the same age as my Daughter.  She seemed pleasant and friendly.  She was carrying a small 5-gallon aquarium in her hands.  Dry.  Inside were two small mice on a bed of shredded newspaper or paper towels.  Feeder mice.  You know, the kind bred to feed to snakes and reptiles.

One was white.  The other a light gray.  She was upset that the mice appeared to have chewed on each others ears pretty aggressively.  Their ears were each torn and had visibly new sores.  She (for lack of a name.  Because, I cannot remember it.) seemed upset for their health and situation.  I suggested they needed a larger and possibly separate living spaces.  She said she figured it happened while she was gone.  I am thinking that if they are going to fight each day while She is at work or out then, separating them is a must.

We talked a little more and She admitted that She figured this damage happened fairly recently.  Something did not quite add up.  I was not able to comprehend why she was only just aware of this.  Until, she said she had just gotten back from a several day long trip.  She thought she had put enough food in there for them.  I asked why the person watching them (silly me) hadn’t been more attentive.  She easily admitted, through, a shine of guilt shimmering around her behavior, that she had not actually arranged for anyone to watch her pet mice.  She pointed out they only cost her a couple of bucks each in January.  Small priced, small pets for small spaces made sense to her.

I could not believe that she would leave her pets without any oversight during a long trip.  “Oh, that’s not a problem.  Or maybe it is.  I take trips all the time.  In fact I am about to go on a 10-day trip soon.”  I hope you have made plans for someone to take care of your mice this time.  “Oh, ha, ha, laugh, laugh.”  Still I felt more odd about these mice.  Mind you I am not a mouse lover.  The last mice I had in my home either got killed by the trap we set or accidentally ran up my pants leg when I scared the shit out of it one day when I was sweeping out the living room (Same house with the nasty roommate 30+ years ago.)

She left the kitchen to go outside.  I figured she probably took them out to clean out the bottom of their cage.  My conversation with my Daughter picked up near where we left off.  After a few minutes She walked back into the kitchen.  All happy and bright.  She got herself something to eat or drink.  It was only after a bit that I realized she went out with the aquarium.  But, she had not come back in with the aquarium.  Being me, of course, I had to ask if she had been able to attend to the mice’s ears.  “Oh.  It’s not a problem.”  I don’t understand.  “Well, I left them outside.”  What do you mean, ‘You left them outside.’

“Well, I actually let them go.”  WHAT!!!! YOU LET THEM GO!?!??  Sheepishly, “Yes.”  How in the Hell could you be so concerned one moment for their welfare and worried about the pain they were in just to turn the fuck around and release them in the wild!!?????!!!!!   Needless to say I was furious.  I am not a PETA advocate by any stretch of the imagination. However, her action went beyond the pale.  “Well, I am leaving for this long trip.”  She said with a smile on her face.  “I don’t really want to bother anyone with them.  They did not cost me anything really.  So, I let them go.”  “They’ll be able to fend for themselves.”  WTF!!  You cannot actually believe that captive bred mice would have a clue how to find food, shelter, or protect themselves.  Besides, now you have also created a possible nuisance for your neighbors if the mice find their way into their home or back into yours.  “Well, there was a cat eyeing me as I was letting them go.”  Holy crap!  Who was this clearly fake hippy-girl, vegetarian, Portlandia bitch to just set them free.  Oh, yeah.  She had recently moved up from California.

She left the kitchen and I was fit to be tied.  Actually, I was fit to be tieing her up to the nearest yardarm in a hurricane and leave her there.  I hate feeling helpless.  It wasn’t like I could run outside and call, “Here micey, micey.   Here micey, micey.  Come back.”  Like they were trained to return at the command.  They were gone.  I’ll never know what happened to them.  But, I know that She will have to at least think about buying any live creature before a trip again.  At least, that is my hope.


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