Republicants Can’t Do Basic Math

It is unconscionable for anyone to argue in favor of keeping a tax deduction for corporate or private jets or the wealthy in general.  The last people on earth who need a tax break, i.e. help in paying their bills, in order to pay for a private jet is the person or company that can already afford the ultimate luxury of a private f-ing jet.

Give the tax breaks to those it will actually help.  Me.  Give me a tax break.  My Social Security Disability is taxed. Seriously, yes it is.  I am disabled.  I cannot work.  Hell, it is hard enough for me to sit here and type long enough to write a blog once in a while.  But, me the Republicants want to tax.  Me who cannot afford to buy new shoes when I could really use the.  Last winter my only winter shoes were so often used they began to stink so badly that even Febreeze would not quell the aroma arising from their innards.  I live in a very wet climate.  So, my shoes were always wet.  I cannot afford a new pair.  Mostly because I have a one-inch shorter left femur than right.  Every shoe I buy has to first, be able to have a lift built onto the sole of the shoe, and then, have the lift built into the sole of my shoe.  Each one is no less than $123.00.

My $30.00 sale priced Birkenstocks cost me double that to have the lift built in.  Birkenstocks are not good for walking my dog in the rain, dark, cold, occasional snow, and ice.  I must have more substantial shoes than that.  Where is my tax break?  Huh?

Last year I fell into the Medicare “Doughnut Hole.”  The hole a Medicare recipient falls into when their federally mandated supplemental prescription insurance coverage maximum for the year is met.  That happened in early October.  To make it to the end of the year financially, and medicinally, even though I needed refills on my prescriptions I cut back the frequency of my doses.  I only found out I had hit the “Doughnut Hole” when I went in to pick up one of my refills and found out it would cost me over $300.  I did not accept the refill.  I could not afford to pay for it.  I had to put it off for another month before I could pay for a half of the prescribed doses.  Where is my tax break?

One of my medications I am supposed to take three of three times a day for nerve pain, I cut back to two pills two times a day.  The one I am supposed to take twice a day for diabetes, I took once a day.  Well, occasionally, I skipped them all.  Those are just two examples.  I worried and worried about how this would affect me.  I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor to find out.  So, I did not.  Where is my tax break?

Even though many,many millionaires and billionaires have lobbied these same Republicant Senators and Congressional Representatives to END their tax breaks, our wonderful Republicant law makers have a different agenda.  It isn’t really about our economy.  It is about THEIR economy.  This is the reality.  It is the economy stupid.  The Republicant economy of scale.  Their personal scale.  Theirs and only theirs.  To hell with anyone who does not agree with them.  To hell with the rest of our once strong and well-regarded country.

No matter how hard the Republicants push for increased tax cuts for the wealthy the math does not add up.  Two plus two does not in any world equal five.  Any average 9-year-old can tell you that.  You cannot continue to spend money when no money is coming in.  That is the actual reality of the Republicant push to maintain tax breaks for the wealthy while taking away from the poor.  This is so totally a case of robbing the poor to give to the rich.  Does the story of Robin Hood escape all those small business, union member, working person, tax-paying American that it isn’t the government that is out of control it is the REPUBLICANT GOVERNING LAW MAKING MEMBERS WHO ARE OUT OF CONTROL.  Do not let their lies convince you that they are right.  Because, if you do it will be on your backs.  Not the backs of the Democrats.  It will be equally on the backs of the middle and lower financial classes of Americans.

So, let us do the math.  Giving a tax break to a corporation or individual (oh, right.  The Supreme Court says they are the same thing when it comes to buying their way into Government.)  These tax breaks, on purely luxury items, are completely unneeded and unfounded.  2-0= -2  This tax break puts the American public into the hole by.  The tax breaks do not encourage more jet buying.  It simply goes into the gold lined pocket of the wealthy who did not need the tax break in the first place.

Study after study proves that the business tax breaks afforded to corporations do not, in fact, lead to increased hiring.  Because, individually the amount of the tax break is not large enough to financially effect the cost of a single full-time employee’s pay.

Obama did not create this financial crisis.  Anyone with a wisp of common sense can tell that the military expenditures forced upon us by the most recent George W. Bush administration is the direct reason.

Do the math people.  The Republicant math does not add up.  It subtracts from everything our country stands for.  It will return us to a third-world country.  It is the Republicants math that is causing you not to have job security or an actual job.

Do the math people.  Advocate for yourselves and not for the fat cats you wish you were.  You are not a fat cat.  You are a skinny, malnourished mouse, the fat cats are feeding off of.


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Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, Pro-Social Programs, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Pro-Common Sense Return to Government and USA Society.
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