Poor Signage 1

Makes me nuts when I know where I am suppose to be but There isn’t a bloody sign on the building to prove I am where I am suppose to be.  So, after going into the wrong place, calling the place I want and driving where I am told I still don’t trust it without a sign.  Ok.  I get that I am neurotic about it.  It causes me no end of anxiety.  I feel my blood pressure jamming its stretch Hummer limosine into my forehead.  I forget to breath.  My anger slides up a greased tunnel without gravity.  Right.  I go into the building and lion at the “Main” Directory. 
Big shock.  The name of the business is not there.
I look around the lobby thinking maybe there would be a sign hanging.  Nope.
Painted somewhere on a wall?  Nope.
I begrudgingly force my swirling attention back to the Directory.  Maybe it has a “You Are Here” diagram?  No such luck.
Ok, ok, suh-l-o-w down.  Look again.
I didn’t see that section.  Way down in the lower right corner.  What is it?
Ah, a directory within a directory.  Its a dark brown background with black lettering.  I search around its little space and Voila!  I FOUND IT!
On the map-inside-a-map anyway.
Now, another trek begins.  I actually have to find the physical location.  In “Building B”.  I was, of course, in Building A”.
I walk that way praying for the hanging/wall/door sign.
As I walk unto “Building B” I realize the map-within-a-map failed to tell me whether it was up a floor or down a floor.  Well, I’ll figure it out when I get down the hall.  …….  Further?  Down the hall.
Not on this floor.  Maybe its up. Or down.
I press both both Up and Down buttons.  The elevator opens.  I step inside.  BEHOLD!
It’s one floor down. 
Finally, an arrow on the wall pointing me in the right direction.
Holy shit.  I can breath again.
I take care of business and take my leave.
I just have to remember how the hell I got here in the first place.


About mishl53

Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, Pro-Social Programs, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Pro-Common Sense Return to Government and USA Society.
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