Listen UP!

Yeah. I do mean YOU!

I walk my dog at all hours of the day.  And early night.  I cannot tell you how infuriated I get.  It happens every day.  And night, too.  Really, it isn’t just when I walk my dog.  It is when I drive at night, as well.  I fear you will make yourselves become my worst nightmare.

Night is the time of day (does that even make any sense?) that really scares me.  It isn’t that it is dark.  It is that YOU are.

I mean seriously.  You kids’ and even adults who dress in dark or flat-out black clothing.  At night!  You become invisible on the roadways you seem to prefer over sidewalks (and what the fuck is up with that!  Why are you choosing to waste perfectly good and far safer concrete.) as early as dusk.  By true night you are near fucking impossible to see.  AND I am s-l-o-w-l-y walking my dog.

Many a time I have experienced the angry adrenaline rush that occurs mere moments after my terror at nearly killing you with my car subsides adrenaline.

Is it that hard to wear something, I mean ANYTHING light colored?  Or worse, shudder in horror, something REFLECTIVE!

I do NOT understand what is that important to you to dress so dark that it is worth the possibility of making me an unwitting part in your ugly, painful, and frightening DEATH.  Please, do not tell me, “Because!” is waaaaayyyy to simple an answer. That is NOT good enough.

Please, I beg you, wear light colors, or (go ahead, shudder if you feel you must) anything! reflective.  I DO NOT WANT YOU TO Make YOURSELF MY REAL, LIFE-LONG, LIVING NIGHTMARE!

Oh, and please use the fucking sidewalks. Get it? Side WALKS. Not side-roads, drives, streets, and boulevards made, not for you, puny human being. But, for the various multi-ton speeding bullets that can and will SQUASH YOU LIKE A BUG.


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Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, Pro-Social Programs, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Pro-Common Sense Return to Government and USA Society.
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