OccupyPortland Continues

My neighbour asked me the other evening whether it bothered me that the OccupyPortlanders are wasting our taxpayer dollars.  “No.  I am really proud of them.”

I firmly support those who have the ability and courage to camp in a location that will interrupt citizens daily routines.  I feel that peaceful disruption is designed to gently draw our attention.  They stand, sit, walk, chant and camp as a reminder to everyone that somethings are desperately wrong.

Let us begin with our Supreme Court granting instant certiorari to the Bush campaign.  Then, against every rule and ideal (per Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens) of decung who would become the new President of the United States of America by Judgement.  That was a HUGE Constitutional No-No.  I support the OccupyPortlanders for standing against this Court, again for co-opting the powers of the Executive and Legislative arms of our Government when they decided Corporations  are People?  Now, more than ever, political campaigns are legally bought and paid for with Corporate dollars, regardless of what the financially poor citizenry wants or should want.

I support these brave people for standing up for us against our supposed Government for financially bailing out major banks and investment firms who created our current economic distress.  I support this movement for chanting against the multi-million dollar BONUSES the CFO/CEO/COPs of these same corporations.  Because, they received these mega-bonuses even AFTER OUR(?) Government had just bailed them out to prevent their implosion and another 1920’s like Depression.  Oh, right.  I forgot.  I support OccupyPortlander/New York/Oakland/Worlders because we are PISSED that these same banks and investment houses began and continue to foreclose on the homes of real people they knowingly and calculatedly sold homes far above their ability to pay.  Then, investing in schemes that would pay themselves, like taking bets, on those folks who would fail to pay their mortgages.  I support Occupiers for standing firm against our wholly partisan Congress attempts to offer these same CFO/CEO/COOs complete legal IMMUNITY from their bad acts.

For all these reasons and more I support OccupyPortlanders and all Occupiers.

Unfortunately, my neighbour did not want to hear my answer.  She cut me off the moment she realized we were on opposite corners. She was firmly, though I am baffled why anyone would support those who have demonstrably shown could give a shit about her.

Whether she ever realizes it not the Occupy movement (sounds a lot like Unions to me) is firmly working toward her best interests.  Even though she is anapposite to her own best interests.


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Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, Pro-Social Programs, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Pro-Common Sense Return to Government and USA Society.
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