Duncan, Ros-Lehtinen, Sherman aim to limit funding to Egypt

Duncan, Ros-Lehtinen, Sherman aim to limit funding to Egypt.  I completely agree.  It makes my earlier fears about the “Arab Spring” becoming a springboard for the Muslim Brotherhood (NOT=SISTERhood) as a springboard to wage war on Israel.

For the USA to do anything to support Egypt in any effort to advance their military or policing.  To do so when they are strongly considering ending the agreement between itself and Israel is only teaching their militias how to kill US.  This is not just an Israeli/Palestinian issue.  It is a WORLD issue.

Clearly, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over the Islamic world.  I don’t think anyone would disagree.  This fact alone is a terrifying (more than usual) prospect for teeny-tiny Israel.  For the larger non-Muslim world it should be terrifying as well.

By its very nature the Muslim Brotherhood (not World Brotherhood, not Arab Brotherhood, not Middle Eastern Brotherhoods.  But, the anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish, anti-UnIslamic Fundamentalist core of the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.  While it may, only recently, say they are working on being less anti-everything they have done nothing to actual prove that.  Less is a qualifier that means very little, or less than, what ever it is they are now.  Which, due to their well known secrecy is an unknown.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s public support that created and supported its inception was and generally is very Anti-Zionist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-USA.  They have said nothing that is hard and fast in opposition to their well stated creed as found quoted on Wikipedia “Its credo is, “God is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.”

There is an historically verifiable aspect of their saying one thing in public and doing exactly the opposite in private.  The recent public comments of conciliation are countered by their equally public commitments to continue to deny the legitimacy of the existence of Israel.

It is this last point that is THE point of reality.  We, the USA, must, absolutely MUST pay close attention.  The FACT, yes FACT (almost but, not entirely dead), is the problem.  If the Muslim Brotherhood were conciliatory toward Israel there would be no talk of the need to reconsider whether to uphold and honor, as in tear down and DIShonor the agreement between Egypt and Israel that has stood for decades.  This agreement was for the betterment and strength of both countries and peoples.

The Muslim Brotherhood/Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), now part of the Islamist majority, said it will honor Egypt’s international agreements, but made an exception for the Camp David Accords, made in 1981 to showcase the strength of the U.S./Egypt military relationship. FJP also vowed to NEVER recognize the State of Israel.”  [Emboldening, italics, and underlining added.]

I have never totally understood the USA working with recent, likely, or known enemies of our country in cooperating with them in military excercises.  This, to me, is the best way to show our enemies how to beat us.

The USA must be strong in our commitment to peace.  Peace must always be our goal.  Peace must not be put aside with nothing more than a hope of their changing their minds some far off date in a future that will likely never be.  NO military aid, financial aid, military-to-military excercises should even be discussed, much less planned or carried out.


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