Obama Wins My Vote

It makes sense really.  I consider myself to be somewhat intelligent.  I hold to Associate degrees, and have worked most of my life.  In all of my experiences I have had to, and I imagine others must have had many of these same experiences, carefully consider what is the best option.  That is why I have come to this decision.

I am compelled by the evidence FOR Obama and AGAINST Romney.  It seems pretty simple really.  When I look at the records and accomplishements or each I find that Obama handily beats out his competitor.  Obama works FOR the American public.  Regardless, of their socio-economic status.  Whereas the opposite can be said for Romney.  It is sad really, that anyone would refuse to open their minds and look at the evidence.

It is all about the evidence.  But, let’s be fair.  No one is perfect.  Obama has not made decisions I agree with or understand over the past nearly 4-years.  However, I can respect that he had the need to do what was best at the time for all of us.  In those cases his options were to allow the GOP Senate and House to totally halt any positive action on our, the American and World’s behalf.

That is one of the saddest parts of Obama’s last 4-years.  Our Mr. President has had to contend with a GOP controlled Congress that had clearly stated it overriding and singular intention.  The GOP plan was, as they clearly laid out, to do everything they could to ensure President Obama served a single term.  However, the GOP completely forgot that their entire reason for their employment was as OUR representatives.  NOT the GOP’s remote controlled clones.

While FOX News (really, Faux Noose) has actively been in support of the GOP anti-American agenda President Obama stood, often alone, in his belief that it was important to do whatever he reasonably could to be as Bi-Partisan as possible.  Even when President Obama clearly made very good and proper decisions (whether to End Bin Laden or to insist on further research before allowing the Keystone Pipeline to go forward) Faux Noose would not give our Mr. President Obama any credit at all.

Recent polls have shown that the basic IQ of those who watched Faux Noose as opposed to those who watched say, any other news outlet was lower.  Scientifically, not that the GOP give a care, Faux Noose has effectively dumbed down their audience.  With the dumbing down of their audience Faux, in cooperation with the heads of the GOP effectively created a voting block that would and sadly will do whatever they are told.  These sheep will also accept and advance the lies (facts, you know, have no place here) regardless of what the truth is.

These Faux Noose sheeple (whoever coined this term is a genius) do amaze me.  They accept science whenever it suits them.  Like when they want to drive or get medical care, or take a presciption, use their cell phones, or computers the science that has gone into all of these things are perfectly valid and thus, they accept this science.  Unfortunately, as soon as they have to stretch their ability to understand something larger than themselves the science suddenly has no validity.  As in Global Climate Change.  GOP candidate Mitt accepts the science that it is real.  But, he and the GOP refuse to accept the same science that simultaneously proved Global Climate Change came about as a result of human actions.  As soon as the science became something that meant they were responsible for creating the science became un-believable.  Why would Faux Noose care about changing how they reported the facts versus well, what is the opposite of “fact”?  The opposite of “fact” is “FICTION”.  In real terms that means “LIES!”

The question remains why does the GOP in cooperation with Faux News choose to LIE to their audience, viewers, supporters, advertisers, and the World?  The reason is money and power.  Lots of money and with that win the power of the GOP would be even more scary than it already is.


About mishl53

Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, Pro-Social Programs, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Pro-Common Sense Return to Government and USA Society.
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