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Rotting Penthouse in my Head

I do.  I drive myself absolutely insane.  I obsess over crazy shit other people seem to have no problem recognizing as inconsequential.  Not me.  I have to gnaw on them like a richly marrowed, meaty, femur of a freshly killed, … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Involved. What?!?

This a thing that makes me nuts.  We are told over and over again, “Do not get invovled.”  “It is not your business.”  “This does not concern you.” “Don’t raise a rucus.”  “Do not go against the grain.”  “Keep your … Continue reading


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The “God Concept”

The God Concept and God Map are why we, Jews, are the people who struggle.  As a Diaspora Jew I have struggled with both. My ‘God Map’ as I have termed it runs the full gamut.  As a child I … Continue reading

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Maxine Cartoon Has It Right

“I wish my ex well.  I wish he would fall into a well.”  Maxine Then there is the competing guilt that my wishing him ill hurts my kids.  I don’t want to hurt my kids by wishing their father ill.  … Continue reading

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General Petraeus Betrayed U.S.?

General’s Petraeus and Allen’s cheating though, gone public is between them men and their Wives UNLESS, there is PROOF of confidential national security leaks.  They betrayed their wives and children. I feel empathy for their wives and kids. I have … Continue reading

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