Proportional War is an Oxymoron

Palestinian’s argue that Israel’s response to Hamas Terrorist Organization’s incessant bombings is unequal. Palestinian/Gaza/Hamas/Islam(PHIG) Jihad argue that because few people have been killed by their daily rocket attacks just as few people should be killed in retaliation.

This is a juvenile and inadequate assessment of their own situation.

Let’s look at the damage these rockets actually DO. They terrorize every citizen within hearing and impact range. Each of these people know not when the next rocket will target them. They know not whether they will survive the next volley of explosive materials fully meant to KILL. Children have developed PTSD and aberrant behavior at alarming rates directly attributable to such inevitability. Parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles dread and fear the next Mortar whether a Qassam·Al-QudsKatyusha or Grad rocket will break open the skull of the person lying, sitting, standing, talking, dancing, laughing in front of them. Israeli’s are basically in enforced imprisonment to terror. Terror of witnessing the eyes of their child being cut out by shrapnel or a leg being ripped off their own body to bleed as they wonder, “How long til I die?”

If warfare were “proportional” then, the USA would never have had a reason to enter WWI or WWII. Not one American had yet to be hurt in those wars. If proportinality were the overriding factor to who wins then, opposing parties would have to meet and negotiate what is proportional to what. How many houses destroyed equal one life? How many rooms equal and adult vs child’s life? Does square footage or city or financial status of the individual killed have the same value on this side as it does on that? How many deaths must occur to end the madness?

For a war to be proportional then, it would require all opposing parties to sit down and negotiate BEFORE a war could occur. Realistically, if all the parties were willing to sit down and rationally negotiate these terms no war would ever start. The problems would all be ironed out. Not one life had to be taken or given in order to settle the problem to all parties satisfaction.

No. No, no GHIP, no war can be “Proportional”.


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