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Cancer Diagnosis Causes Time to move swiftly

Monday:  Colonoscopy     some polyps removed in upper intestine.  A mass found in lower colon biopsied. Tuesday:  Call from Doctor’s office asking if I can please come in that afternoon.      I have never had a Doctor call me … Continue reading

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Cigarette Smoking Plays Role in Anal Cancers – WTF?!?!!

Researching I found this little factoid.  Seems pretty funny to me.  You? “Cigarette smoking, however, was found to play a role in the etiology of anogenital cancers [16–18].” Now, the picture in my head is someone smoking a cigarette with … Continue reading


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Limbo Edging Toward Visible Abyss

Q: Did you know there was such a thing as Trans-rectal endoscopic ultrasound (R-EUS)? A: I knew about Trans-Vaginal, thanks to Planned Parenthood on FB, fighting the womBen hating Rethugnicans. But, this was new to me. Alternate Title “Cancer; Is … Continue reading

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