Cancer Diagnosis Causes Time to move swiftly

Monday:  Colonoscopy
     some polyps removed in upper intestine.  A mass found in lower colon biopsied.

Tuesday:  Call from Doctor’s office asking if I can please come in that afternoon.
      I have never had a Doctor call me to ask me to visit them the same day.  Something was wrong.  Luckily, my son was with me.
     The Doctor told me the biopsies came back positive for Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
     Appointments set to have CT Scan Thursday and the surgeon and Oncologist will call to make appointment.

Wednesday:     Calls from both surgeon and oncologist for appointments.
     Thursday immediately following CT Scan set to see surgeon.
     I recieved a call from the Oncologists office.  He will be out of town until the end of July.  Well, am I willing to see someone else in his office?  Why not.  I haven’t a clue who to see in place of the Dr. recommended by my Gastroenterologist.

Thursday:  Waiting to have CT Scan.  Must have CT Scan faxed to surgeon’s office for visit immediately following scan.

     Will post more when I know more.

Thanks to Yaron Abed for being there for Dustin when he needed you.


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