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I Read Oncology Literature

And I am now officially afraid. Seems silly to me that I would get afraid now that I read the literature about side effects when I already knew about them.  I think the difference is that I now have hardware … Continue reading

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HOA Anti-ADA & Anti-Me

With two letters from two Doctors my HOA still refuses to allow me to allow my voice controlled dog off-leash.  I admit her listening skills are not perfect.  But, they are pretty good. The first letter link is to the … Continue reading

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I Broke the CT Scan

WARNING!  EXPLICIT DETAILS AHEAD.  READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL. It’s been a weird and humiliating series of getting ready for Radiation therapy.  Friday was my initial “Planning” appointment.  The goal was to find a position that is “reproducible”.  The goal … Continue reading


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Exercise is Not a Jewish Thing

A friend said this to me the other day.  I thought I was going to crack a rib laughing.  I had to admit that my family supplied little to no examples of exercise. My dad occasionally played gold and hand ball.  When I say occasionally I … Continue reading

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How Weird Is It…

That I have a Porta-Cath implanted in my left upper chest wall.  I am afraid to take the bandage off to look at the wound or the lump I imagine is hiding under the bandage.  The other weird part of … Continue reading

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Porta-Cath Implanted

I am exhausted. It hurts a bit.  Drugs do well to make that pain go away.  Though, they also make me sleepy as anything. I remember waking up around three a.m. Monday evening wondering if there was a burrow for … Continue reading

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Porta-Cath Installed or

I Am High As Hell All went well. Am in car in Walgreen’ s lot while Dustin gets my pain script. More when not drugged. Or at least not quite so drugged.

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Email Exchange Between Me & L

Emails redacted to protect the guilty. From: L And what about meds for pain, etc.? Have docs talked about that? It is accepted that healing is better without pain…you shouldn’t have to suffer with that also…(imo – in my opinion … Continue reading

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Reverse Tornado

I haven’t started Chemoradiation yet.  I have to get a Porta-Cath installed in my chest.  That will happen on Tuesday.  I am pretty anxious.  I have heard from a friend who had one that it was a bit “uncomfortable”.  Add that … Continue reading

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How My HOA Deals With REAL Problems

A real email to my HOA and the response.  Now, I must say that I did not exactly expect them to deal with this issue any differently than they have real issues in the past.  But, I thought I would … Continue reading

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