Email Exchange Between Me & L

Emails redacted to protect the guilty.

From: L

And what about meds for pain, etc.? Have docs talked about that? It is accepted that healing is better without pain…you shouldn’t have to suffer with that also…(imo – in my opinion – since i have a lot of opinions, it’s easier to write: imo)…

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3:11 PM (10 minutes ago)

to: L
All of the side effects and prescription options are available without much prompting.

I checked with my local Walgreen’s. Buggers don’t carry that brand. I might just have to order online.


From: L
3:55 PM (23 hours ago)

to: me
Entrust plus disposable protective underwear…brand name: sunmark

Comes in different sizes

Do you have food in house? Will you be quarantined after radiation? If so, how long? If so, need to arrange prepared meals delivered to house so all you have to do is open door to bring in food ready to eat…etc. don’t imagine you will feel like cooking…

Did docs say what to expect as after effect symptoms re appetite, etc. please be pushy about alleviating pain…

Love you and can’t stand thought if you in pain…XOXO

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To: L

3:21 PM (0 minutes ago)

I do have food in the house. I have been buying frozen dinners and Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s have already started taking care of me.

The radiation is x-ray. Not like radio-active iodine. So, no quarantine. But, if I get diahrrea my friends might just get grossed out by the mess and smell they might just quarantine me.

Rest assured: PAIN MEDS ARE AVAILABLE. I am not afraid of taking them or asking for them. I am truly glad you are making sure I have these things covered.

I have been talking to my friends about driving me. One friend is vegan (blech) but, she is an incredible cook. She makes the best fake Chopped Liver. It nearly tasted like Grandma’s! But, putting shmaltz in the vegan option was not an option. Anyway, she told me she tried a new fake rib recipe that she and her entire family liked. She said the two-year old ran around the house with one in his hand and wouldn’t let go! She offered to make these for me.

Another several have offered food and driving.

I will jump on the first one who offers to vacuum and dust for me! No offers there, yet. Bummer.


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One Response to Email Exchange Between Me & L

  1. Leslye says:

    With all that is going on, you still have a sense of humor! Love you

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