How My HOA Deals With REAL Problems

A real email to my HOA and the response.  Now, I must say that I did not exactly expect them to deal with this issue any differently than they have real issues in the past.  But, I thought I would try.  The following is the exact (redacted) exchange.


Subject: Speeding & Threatening Driving

From: Me

Date: Jun 12, 2013 10:38 PM

Subject: Speeding & Threatening Driving

Tonight, only minutes ago, I was walking my dog when a car barreled into the complex. Fortunately he stopped inches short of hitting me. I think the only reason he saw me at all was that I happened to have a bright flashlight hanging by my side. However, his impatience did not prevent him from driving forward as if to challenge me or threaten to run me over only to stop just short of touching me. Again. When I got out of the way he had my dog in his headlights and moved forward again. When I and my dog were barely out of his way he gunned it into his parking spot at a high rate of speed.

The owner and driver of this vehicle was ******.

He is known to drive entirely too fast into the complex. I have heard several residents complain of this as well.

Since the owner in question is the head of the HOA Board I respectfully submit this issue be considered without his influence or input. I would appreciate an immediate and strongly worded violation notice with a high fine. His actions were not only threatening but, outright dangerous.



On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 2:52 PM


At this time I have not received other complaints in regards to speed and the driving of *****. Therefore, this incident is viewed as a tenant to tenant dispute and does not involve the association.

Best regards,



 The following is what I would LIKE to send.  But, I know it would be to no avail.  Though, not one word of what I have written is untrue.  I just have to vent.


What I want to say but, recognize it is pointless:

From: Me
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 10:43 PM
To: Noah and Associates, Associate Nichole

There was a second person observing this behavior. However, since the second person is the offender you are right. It is unlikely he would be honest enough to admit his actions. Convenient he is also the Chair of the Board.

I imagine most reasonable people would be shocked, as well to know that our HOA was vigilant enough to A) swiftly pass an amendment to prohibit smoking on our grounds within the boundaries of our own decks.  Ostensibly, because the smoke travels into other units and is unwelcome, or B) when it installed a locked gate (clearly in violation of our and Oregon Revised Statutes, Bylaws and Declarations and had to be removed), or C) refuse to appeal a fine for a dog poop bag kept on my front porch, or D) Allow residents of one unit repeatedly block my ability to get in and out of my garage.

This list really does go on. I am 95% certain I am the only one who has ever had a fine leveled against them.  While the Board twists their hands in concern over how to educate non-resident owners that their renters must store their garbage bins inside their garage.  For no less than two years this hand wringing has gone on.  Thousands of dollars of violations and fines ignored.  The Board has written and re-written a letter reminding non-resident owners about the garbage rule in effect in our Bylaws from prior to each of us purchasing our condos.  Seems to me if the Board had just sent violation notices and then, fine those who failed to cure their violations each time it would no longer be the ongoing vexation it has become.

I have not as yet figured out why the Board created a policy that requires two observer reporters.  Well, I have figured it out.  But, the implications remain the same as the reality.  The Board dislikes my reporting violations.  So, instead of enforcing them they choose to shut me down.

I propose the HOA take immediate action to pass an amendment or policy that addresses this situation.




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9 Responses to How My HOA Deals With REAL Problems

  1. is there a ruling body for HOA’s? if there is I would send both letters to them. I would also contact the better business bureau to see who ,if anyone over rules the HOA. I would also contact the attorney general of Oregon to see what they have to say about HOA’s that are led by assures.
    Elaine Israel

  2. LoveIn102 says:

    is there any way you can get someone else to write in a complaint about the speeder? surely other neighbors would have witnessed the careless driving at some other time and would love to put in their two cents about the situation.

    • mishl53 says:

      Just like school or work, people will say to your face they agree with you and will back you up when what they really meant to say was they will hide behind you and sneak away behind your back. So, no. I thought about asking others to sign a petition. But, most all other residents not myself or the Board Members themselves, are renters who don’t want to risk their situations.

    • mishl53 says:

      Wish there were. Unfortunately, this same Board made a “Policy” that unless, two people witness an event or there is photographic evidence it didn’t happen. Not even the Police are that rigid.

      The real problem is that the majority of our units are rentals. It appears the President of the Board has a side business, which I cannot prove, of his being the manager of those rental units. Therefore, he would rather protect his job than enforce the bylaws. The conundrum here is that while protecting renters he is letting the property go to hell. This would include the very unit he owns and lives in. But, someday he plans on “making it big” and using it as a rental as well. Weirder things have happened.

  3. Leslye says:

    Where’s a lawyer when you need one?
    What a pain! Is this the kind of aggravation anyone needs…especially you Now?!?

    I like Elaine’s suggestions…if no luck there, maybe county/state consumer affairs. In the county where i live, consumer affairs handles hoa/condo disputes.

    • Leslye says:

      If you really want to continue, I like Elaine’s suggestion about contacting oregon’s (or your county’s) highest legal authority…atty gen, district atty…there has to be some legal entity that at least arbitrates disputes. The office you contact initially may not, but should be able to direct you to correct office. You are an owner, correct? So, if arbitrated, it would be between you and other owner (or what)? Do your bylaws reference dispute resolution. If Board doesn’t act, need to go above the Board. If nothing else, good to have paper trail.
      Unbelievable story about threats directed toward you that you told above!!! You need to be in warm, safe surroundings…especially now!!!

    • mishl53 says:

      Nope. No county or state consumer affairs. This is a poorly if not unregulated area of my existence. I will however, contact the local Americans With Disabilities action group to see if there is anythhing they can tdo to help me.

      It really does slay me that they have had TWO letters from different doctors saying the same thing.

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