Blender-ize Veget-ize

ChemRads want us (patients) to consume ONE POUND of VEGETABLES DAILY! I can’t even do that in a week!*%#$#$

I have a solution. Blender-ize vegitizers. My son will do most of my shopping. You know carrots, kale (gag-cough), chard (choke-spit), bananas, apples, oranges, spinach (I actually love), brussel sprouts (refer back to spinach)…

I am hoping this works out as well in reality as it does in my head. Though, I highly doubt it. I tend to go in gang-busters and come out wimpering and wet under the weight of my guilt.


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One Response to Blender-ize Veget-ize

  1. Sorry you have to go thru this but recalling your veggie antipathy …. oh honey! Harley does a great smoothie with avocado, skim milk, banana, ice cubes and I understand that bit of kale or spinach works well. The avocado makes it into a pudding texture. Raw carrots are gritty to me in smoothies but if you steam nuke them with a few tablespoons of water then they are smooth in the smoothies. A friend gave us an old (1960’s?) Vita Mix 3600 which works better than any blender we’ve ever had. A medium apple and banana each weighs about 1/2 pound so a smoothie with 1 of each and a smidgen of veggies added rounds out a pound a day. Is there a cancer survivors non-gag recipe book?

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