“F” Bomb?

“F” Bomb my ass.  Besides, people have been using the word, the term, the idea for centuries.  Really.  CENT U RIES.

The “F” word is no bomb.  In fact, it barely comes up to the level of Pop-Its, Throw Downs, Snap Bang…  These are the kid safe firework that is wrapped in a bit of paper and only snaps when it hits a hard surface Or taught skin.  It cannot, to all of my experience, even burn normal kid and certainly adult skin.

Per Dictionary.com it has been in print since, at least, the 1400’s.  The online Merriam-Webster free version allotted all of two short lines to the defining of this ancient word as opposed to the far more in-depth Dictionary.com which, if printed out probably amounts to a couple of pages double-spaced.

So, the question is why are we, Americans, so fucking uptight about a word with its origins in P R I N T over SIX HUNDRED YEARS AGO?!?!?!!!

It means S E X.  Sex isn’t a  bad word.  Sex as a word, term, or actions are all completely allowed on television, radio, recordings of all types and severities.  Yet, we have this paranoia that if someone hears the word fuck they will instantly want to go have what? Sex!?!?!

Watching what used to be called “Prime Time” on TV we are witness to so much pornography that being upset about a word like fuck seems completely out-of-place.  Especially, when you call a word a “bomb”.  As for TV pornography about the only thing you don’t see is the actual tongue moving along the private body part (as we teach our children) or one part moving into another.  Ah, for the days of two fully clad swimmers on an ocean beach holding one another as the waves crash around them only to have the camera pan away from the couple.  We are left with only the waves crashing on a beautiful sandy beach.  Or two hands, fingers intertwined holding tight to one another.  Hands.  Seriously, two hands.

What we see today is full on sex.  It cannot even be called “soft core porn” anymore.  There is nothing soft about it.  You see women on top of men.  Ok, so you don’t see her nipples in anything other than dark, somewhat distant silhouette of her nipples. You can see her in full frontal or full backal(?) views with nipples (hers) are  the only part of the breast unseen.  We are fed women and even teenagers sitting atop a naked or more often than not a man with HIS pants still ON.  She doesn’t get that much coverage.  Or we see a strong (unrealistically, UNaverge) muscled male back rhythmically moving forward and backward over a (surprise) naked young woman.  He STILL has his pants on.  She doesn’t even get socks.  High heels, sure.  Underwear, bra, pants?  No fucking way.  Yet, somehow this sexist version of fucking is perfectly ok for the mass consumer whose average age is probably closer to 14 than to 21.

The other real issue of the “Sex Bomb” is the sexism of these acts.  Whether on TV or in movies.  Men’s nipples are perfectly ok in our society.  What is the difference between them?  Is it because women’s nipples and aureola’s are able (for the most part) to suckle life into newborns and men cannot?  I nursed my two children in public.  I enjoy watching babies nursing.

No!  This is not sexual.  It is sweet.  It reminds me of the feeling of total connection to my own infants too short time of pulling life from my own body into theirs to grow and strengthen and learn.

Give it up Puritans.  Fuck wins and you ain’t he-yah no mo-wah.  Plymouth Rock broke up most ships that came upon it.  Not the other way around.

Fuck and Fucking are still going strong.  For some, stronger than others.  This is no “Bomb”.


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2 Responses to “F” Bomb?

  1. Felicia says:

    That was hilarious

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