Sweet & Wonderful Friends

As it turns out I have a number of very good and very sweet friends.  I should have realized this before.  I simply do not usually see the good in my life.  I am a (repeat) skeptic about life.

Even so, I just had a call from a Friend.  She will be celebrating her 72nd Birthday on Friday.  Sorry for outing you!  (Not that you care.)  We were going to go out on Thursday to have dinner to celebrate a little early.  She couldn’t initially go out Friday (her actual B-Day) as she had a previous dinner date for the REAL B-DAY.  I figured we could go out one day early, Thursday.  She was up for that!  At the time I thought I was, too.

I have been thinking about this for days.  Can I go to a restaurant and not have a bottom and bowel issue?  I don’t really think I can.  But, I really want to.  Yeah, but(t) taking that chance wouldn’t be much of a Birthday present for her.  Even though I would have my Ditty Bag with me?  I mean, if I take precautions maybe I can go!

She forced the issue of my deciding whether I could or should go out to dinner (much less at all) by calling me.  I decided it would be unwise for me to go out to dinner on Thursday.  She was not calling about that.  She invited me to join her and others of our friends, instead, on FRIDAY!

Well, crap.  If I finally realize I cannot make it on Thursday surely, I cannot make it on Friday.  Ah, no.  That would not be my initial thought.  I start quickly weighing where I am now. How much better (or worse) I might be by Friday?  There is a Twenty-Four hour difference after all.  Sooo, I might feel better?  Damn.  I know I have to decline her generous offer. She, of course, understands that I cannot come.  She is one of the people I have decided I want to be more like when I grow up.  That is IF I ever grow up.

So, not only can I not go to her Birthday Party she asks me if there is anything she can do for me.  She suggests she might go shopping for me.  As is her loving nature, she even offered to bring me dinner after her Friday Birthday DinnerParty.  I am always amazed at her generosity, tenacity, intelligence (even if I DO often win our WordFeud games), and energy.

Again, I do not have the words to express my gratitude to my friends.


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