Confusion Words

Outwit or is that Ou TWIT!

I was reading something online a few minutes ago.  It had a title that that included the word “Outwit”.  This (roll eyes), of course, appeared inside my head as if the one word outwit automatically split into its two parts. Which, leads me to one of my pet peeves.  Though, I must confess I do not know what part of speech the conjunction of two words would be. 

I love words.  I love to write them.  I really love to speak them.  At times I even love to read words.  And being a native English speaking person when I see a word that piques my interest I investigate.  when I investigate I become aware that there are certain English words and grammar that totally bewilder me.  Howz ’bout youz?

Behead never made sense to me when the Be here means to loose your head.  Yet, in the word BeFriend the Be here means to obtain, or get a Friend.  These two Be’s are at odds with one another.  They be confusing.

Now, I do not want to hear (read) any high-minded literary or grammatical explanation to confuse me more.  Either it Be a positive or a negative.  It is far too confusing for it to be both.  I cannot diagram a sentence.  Somehow, I am still completely capable of writing an understandable and grammatically correct sentence.  Otherwise, (Other Wise?  Another conjunctive conundrum.  I’ll get to this in a minute.) you would not be able to read this and make any sense of it.

I understand that words often have two meanings.  As in “sense”.  One meaning is to have a sense of or feeling.  Another meaning is to have a sentiment or feeling of whatever.  (What ever?  OMG they are every where!)  An other (there we go again [a gain?]) meaining is that of smelling, seeing, feeling (did that already)/tactile nerve endings in direct or near contact, sight, taste, hearing.

Well, ok.  They are every where =  in all places.

Now, that I have started do I have to finish?  No.  But, you can all add your own confounding (geez.  Again?!) terms.  I can’t help it:  Con Founding = Against Discovery, landing…?  Well, that does not make any damn sense.

I guess it makes sense to learn English as a baby.  I can only imagine how hard learning English as a second language must be.  As an infant you do not know how hard it is to learn anything especially, the intricacies of a language.  The capacity to understand or grasp the intensity of frustration requires maturity.  Babies must be massively frustrated by this inability to understand why they do not understand.  Which of course, explains much of their crying.  Maybe this is what Colic really is.  Since, I have not heard a fixed description (that I like) I might just make this my personal definition of Colic.  At least, that way I can not be as frustrated next time I encounter an infant who cannot stop crying and I want to scream my lungs out hoping the kid would just shut up.  

Thank god my kids are grown.  Not that having adult children is always a cupcake and icing eating party.  I get just as frustrated sometimes with my adult kids as I did when they were babies.  Though, as babies they were still cuddly or I could still hold them lovingly in my arms and that was their preferred place in all the world.  Sigh.  Admittedly, the cuddly part was after I cleaned them up, fed them, and figured them out.  I just wish I could figure out my adult kids and respond as well as I could when they were babies.  Drat.

Maybe I should start or finish with the start:  Con fusion.  These words are all confusing, as the word says, against putting things together.  Aaarrrrrrggggghhhhh!


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