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Profound Exhaustion

I had no idea, prior to this past week, what the term “Profound Exhaustion” might mean.  As the new mother of two children 25 months apart I was sure I did know what “profound exhaustion” meant. NOw, I realize there … Continue reading

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Blender-ize Veget-ize

ChemRads want us (patients) to consume ONE POUND of VEGETABLES DAILY! I can’t even do that in a week!*%#$#$ I have a solution. Blender-ize vegitizers. My son will do most of my shopping. You know carrots, kale (gag-cough), chard (choke-spit), … Continue reading


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I Hooked Up this Morning

Yes.  I hooked-up this morning.  It is a 21st Century definition of hooked-up.  Just not the one that refers to finding a willing and active sexual partner.  That would have been far more god-damn fun! Saturday I offered him the … Continue reading

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