Taking Its Toll

Sorry to have been away so long.  The effects of 30 days of radiation have taken their toll.   My THIRTIETH nearly consecutive (only weekends off) was Tuesday the THIRTEENTH day of August.  I got to ring their ceremonial “I survived” bell three times as the staff stood around me clapping.  I cried.  I was happy and only slightly sad my son could not make this milestone.  He was supposed to drive me but, the car broke down (great timing, right?).  fortunately, I was able to call a friend who thankfully pitched in.

Back to my current reality:

I cannot sit without pain.   For a while I could not lie down without pain either.  Thanks to oxycodone and oxycontin I have been able to lie down and sleep comfortably.  Well, those two and the addition of Zolpidem (Ambien’s generic relative).  That’s about it.  Oh, and I cannot comfortably use the computer on my lack of a lap (you don’t have one lying down).  Then, there is the problem of tri-focal glasses and not having enough tilt to one’s head to get the right prescription at the proper location on the nose to see what the hell I am typing.

Except for using the bathroom.  One of the AWFUL side-effects of radiation (forgive me if I repeat myself) is cramping.  SEVERE cramping of the intestines.  The bladder, too I have realized over the last two days.  The doc said the bladder capacity is reduce due to the burning, as well.  By cramping I mean gut straining, baby birthing, autonomic response to push with everything you have.  Even if you just did so two seconds ago.

Getting the intestinal cramping under control and keeping it somewhat reasonable to survive has not been too hard.  Drugs really are good.  However, now in the last two-days since my bladder decided to join the cramp club the meds are not yet kicking in.  Or I forget to take them on time.  Mostly, because I forget what time I took them last time.

Gotta stop.  The computer and my arms are compressing my already over-taxed bladder.

P.S. I have also, not written because of the cramping I have to fling the computer off my lap to RUN to the bathroom every other minute.  Bye.


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