This Week in My Progress & Other Stuff

There have been some good things happening this week and some frustrating things.

My son got rear ended two weeks ago.  He is fine.  My car?  Not so much.  A couple of days later, the day of my last radiation treatment, my car wouldn’t start.  So, he had to have it towed to a car repair place and deal with both insurance companies.  Fortunately, the other person was found to be at fault.  Whew.

I had to call around to find someone willing to drop everything immediately to take me to the oncology center for my LAST treatment!  Thank God and LD for coming to my rescue.

Unfortunately, the reason the car stopped is a pump failure.  Turned out it was just really bad timing.  The pump, per the repair place, has nothing to do with the accident.  But, it took me calling the insurance company yesterday to get this information out to all parties so, the pump could be ordered, already.  The auto repair place was waiting for the insurance company to let them know that.  Darrell, the guy at the repair shop, told me a couple of claims guys had come by to look at the car.  That was almost TWO WEEKS ago.  They never got back to him.
Which, I only found out after a few text messages to my son.  I am coherent enough (somewhat) that I was able to call my insurance company to find out what was taking so long.  The man I spoke to had to call me back after a bit.  He had to check with the auto repair shop and the other insurance before he could get back to me with
The car repair place ordered the part yesterday, install it, then, get the car over to the body shop.  Luckily, Dustin was able to get a rental.  I am not ready to drive.
One of my sisters called to tell me that one of my prior blogs about the car and my finances was misleading.  She said that because I have IRA’s that I am not actually broke.  She is right.  However, being 56 I have to do everything I can to be prudent about my finances.  When I said I was broke I was referring to my normal monthly income and out flow.  She had informed me a few weeks back that because I am on Disability any withdrawals from my IRA’s would have NO consequence of tax payments.  Which means I can withdraw monies from my IRA’s without tax penalty.  However, I have to consider what I take out and why.  Because, I do, after all, have to make my IRA’s last as long as I believe I will be alive.  With any luck that will be a healthy twenty more healthy years and done.  In summation my sister is right:  I am not truly broke if I consider using money from my IRA’s.  I AM broke if I live on my set monthly income amount.
I did speak with my financial advisor.  I spoke with him yesterday.  It was a busy telephone day.  He confirmed the amounts of money I have available and that there would be no 10% tax penalty for early withdrawal.  This made me consider using part of that money to pay off my condo.
If I paid off my condo then, I could use the amount of my mortgage to reinvest or to save for travel, property taxes, new car, repairs of condo…  Geez, I could go on and on.  It would also make other early withdrawals far less likely. Of course, all of this depends on the outcome of cancer treatment.
On another note: My son still has my dog Jewel.  I am not ready to be fully responsible for her three walks a day.  My bladder apparently has shrunk.  Now, when I gotta go I BETTER not wait.  Which, puts a cramp in the plan to get Jewel back.  At least, the bladder cramps have stopped.  Thank you oxycodone.
Another little piece of good news is that yesterday I decided that a WARNING:  PERSONAL DETAILS AHEAD.  PROCEED AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. 
I decided that I no longer required diapers.  Or as the package claims “underwear”.  I was able to use a large pad.  I am no longer seeping fluids of nearly all kinds.  Therefore, I do not need a more absorbent and larger pad/diaper.  YAY!!!  However, at night the diaper makes more sense.  Just in case.  A pad would not stay in place well enough with all the twisting and turning, flipping and flopping, I do all night long.
Sitting is getting more comfortable.  My rear is still peeling.  I am trying not to pull at the looser bits.  I am afraid that it will catch tender new skin and tear it.  That is not to say I have not pulled.  I have.  Without negative consequences until, last night.  So, I have to restrain my impulse to help the healing along.  At this point it would do just the opposite.  Sigh.

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