Metal or Plastic?

Sometimes, I have thoughts, great thoughts run through my head.  Unfortunately, as fast as they run it is totally through my head and out the other side.  I have so many amazing thoughts.  They just do not stick around.   Certainly, they do not stick around long enough for me to write them down or put them in my phone or god portend, remember them.

These damn thoughts/ideas/subjects to be written about are pure platinum.  Of course, I can say that because, you will never know they weren’t since you are not going to read them all here or hear about them or be exposed to them in any way.  So,  I get to believe I am a blooming genius.

Ok, maybe not genius.  Mostly, because being a genius intimates you have the capability of remembering important things.  That would include my thoughts.

Now, one such thought that I was able to get a firm grasp on is about chrome in cars. I HATE chrome in cars!  Why do ALL car companies commit themselves to highly polished, and highly reflective chrome surfaces inside every car?  Do none of the car designers ever drive in the daylight?  Do they really only drive in the dark and have no idea about the effects of sun on highly polished interior surfaces?

Chrome is NOT needed inside ANY car.  Just ’cause it’s always been done does not mean it has to continue to be done the same way.  Isn’t that what they call insanity?  You know, doing the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome (but, never getting it). 

I have been blinded eighteen times too many by the sun reflecting as brightly off the chrome as if I were looking directly into the sun itself.  I have looked into the face of highly reflective chrome on a sunny day and been blinded.  Hell, I have been blinded by the reflected light on cloudy days on the roads in Anchorage, Alaska during the waning days (all 12 of them) fall.  It was really bad during summer when the sun was low and in your face anyway!

Dear Car Designers,

STOP USING CHROME ON THE INTERIORS.  Also, end all highly polished surfaces.  Whether the chrome is really metal or plastic made to look like the metal or any highly polished surface QUIT USING IT!!!!

I do not know about you but, I can only cover one segment of blinding light reflecting off a single surface at any one time.  I only have one hand that is not on the steering wheel.  Unfortunately, because of all the chrome or chrome wanna be or highly polished plastic there are multiple reflections simultaneously.




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