I Have No Excuses

I keep thinking, “I have GOT to sit down and write something on my blog.”  But, solitaire on my Android device keeps sucking me in.  That or Candy Crush.  Damn handheld games.  I get sucked in.  By the end of an evening I can barely get to sleep because my hands are killing  me.  Not exactly literally killing me.  But, so painful I have to take Alleve to calm them down.  I dare not take anything stronger.  Thanks carpal tunnel.  And my own addictive personality.

In order to get on the blog today to write I had to seriously chastise myself to put down the solitaire.  JUST PUT IT DOWN!  Oh, all right already.  I am tired.  I hate my laptop set up.  My laptop must be high enough not to break my neck looking down at it or too far away or too high to wreck my hands and shoulders.  So, I have it propped up on the internal vacuum nesting plastic protective layer from the original packaging of my laptop.  Atop that is the plastic frame from an old external computer cooling fan that had a wrist wrest and laptop sliding out of position bar across it’s front.  That supports a Crate & Barrel laptop board that is made of ribbed plastic channels meant to prevent slipping and I imagine allow heat to dissipate along the channels. That is set upon the original laptop box.  The lower portion of the box is raised on one end and supported by a duct taped band across the lower edges of the upper laptop box (or ‘lid’ as some would call it.)  Inside the raised box bottom is a cooling fan.

I hate this set up.  But, the tilting table I used to use is unrealiably unsteady.  It also does not actually fit under my chair.  Rather it fits in front of my chair.  The sides of my chair are too close to the floor to allow the legs to slide under it.  I now realize that most couches/sofas/loveseats/recliners fail to fit the model of table most advertised as “fits under any chair.”  (As Shown on TV)  To properly use it I would have to sit on the edge of my chair/sofa/loveseat….  So, that remains in front and to the left of my La-Z-Girl where it now holds one several months old Hadassah magazine, one Pirke Avot book, a tube of durvet DuraCream undder balm (from rougher radiation days) napkins and paper towels, all of my remote controls, a battery powered tea-light, and one pink and green click-clack toy.  It appears there are some papers paperclipped together at the far end of this table that is currently too far away from me at the moment.  To get to them would require I put the laptop support contraption down on this table.  Which would mean I would have to get up out of my La-Z-Girl.  And that AIN’T gonna happen.

I lied.  It is about to happen.  Because, when the bathroom yells at me I better pay attention.

It seems that, after all is said and done, I actually have quite a lot of excuses.


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Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, Pro-Social Programs, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Pro-Common Sense Return to Government and USA Society.
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