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Hiding In Plain Sight

How many ways can I loose the bird?  However, many it is I just added one more.  I was watching TV (the norm) when I realized the room was actually too quite.  It took me a moment to figure out … Continue reading

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Porta-Cath RemoveD

Porta-Cath REMOVED today. Damn thing has to be surgically implanted. Yet, it was removed as in-office procedure! I was so freaked out about being awake during it I took 15 mg of Oxycodone. Which, I had leftover from about a … Continue reading

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It’s been a weird week.  Not that I have many unweird weeks.  The reality is I honestly have little experience with feeling happy.  Even though I get tremendously GREAT news I do not feel different than before.  I have felt so … Continue reading

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I Am an Ox

I seem to think of better titles to my articles or idea rants when nowhere near anything that I could write them down on.  Either because, I cannot take my smartphone out of my pocket fast enough to press the … Continue reading

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Mind Over Matter

I have never been a proponent of this concept. It never has made sense to me.  The Idea that a body could completely or even substantially, In my view, cure yourself with little more than the power of our minds.  I feel … Continue reading

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Oct. 1, 2013 Appointment

Well, I had my six-week post treatment check-up.  I found out that I have another bladder infection.  One more prescription.  As my niece said, “You just can’t catch a break down there.”  Yup.  Remember:  80% CURE rate. Ok, saw Chemo … Continue reading


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