Mind Over Matter

I have never been a proponent of this concept. It never has made sense to me.  The Idea that a body could completely or even substantially, In my view, cure yourself with little more than the power of our minds.  I feel there is no such thing as “Mind over matter when your matter has a mind of its own.”

When you find out a happy, well adjusted person is ill there is no amount of “positive” thoughts is going to make them healthy.  At least, not without proper medical intervention.  I do believe once you choose to do whatever it takes medically to turn your health around a positive attitude will make enduring the process easier emotionally.  Even our court system does not adhere to this concept.  It regularly rules against cultish religions, such as, the church “Child of the Firstborn.”  This was a case where the parents refused medical care for their child.  This child ultimately died of a “condition” that was completely treatable.  This is just one example of how the power of “positive thinking” that some call “prayer” not only does not work but, is not a larger societally acceptable form of medical treatment.  Especially, for children.  Especially, in cults such as this one and this one in particular has a long history of allowing their children to die of completely treatable illnesses.  Parents of this same church failed to save their son’s life by praying over their son when he fell ill.  He died from infection caused by his appendix bursting.  History is rife with similar examples of how “prayer” or “mind over matter,” if you will, failed to perform miracles of healing.

will work to continue to believe and take medically necessary treatment to work to convince myself I will be within the 80% cure rate.  While I am a life-long skeptic and naturally 80% convinced that I am in the 20% treatment failure rate I am trying to ascribe to the school of “mind over matter”.  Despite the initial “throwing everything including the kitchen sink at” me (Exact quote from my doctors).  I say this because, its the experiences of my life.  I could easily have stayed in my home depressed, and crying the whole time and whipping myself with sharp chains (the chains thing is strictly metaphorical).  This has, for most part, been the pattern of my life.  Sad, and bitchy.  Sorry everyone.

While no amount of positive attitudeness was going to make the radiation burn less or the chemo more specific to only certain of my cancer and not healthy cells without indiscriminating among them.  Despite my total skepticism I am positive attitudiness did, I believe, make me endure the process, the pain, and the isolation tolerable.  It also made me much easier to be with myself and others.

It is about belief.  What do you or I believe?  I am not sure what I believe is fully etched in the bedrock of my being.  Ergo, I consider other options.  But, I will never go crazy and chase after “miracle” cures from Laetrile (peach pits proven INeffective against any type of cancer) or dust or dirt of sacred and undesecrated ground.

Agreed.  This post is ALL over the belief map.  I confirm I will work to have a positive attitude.  I will continue to pray in hope it helps me continue to endure and/or thrive.  Yet, I will not accept the effectiveness of “mind over matter.”

Pulling your hair out yet?  (–_–/  \ —-__—-Shrug)


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