Hiding In Plain Sight

How many ways can I loose the bird?  However, many it is I just added one more.  I was watching TV (the norm) when I realized the room was actually too quite.  It took me a moment to figure out that I did not know where the bird was.  I actually checked my shoulder.  Sometimes, she will perch there with her head turned backward (how DO they do that!?!?) and tucked into her wings on her back.  Nope not on my shoulder.

I decided I ought to check her next normal place.  I am simultaneously looking at the floor to make sure she is not eating the floor molding.  She must think I have a lot of money to replace this stuff.  She would be wrong.  I still haven’t replaced well, lots of other stuff.  Like my bedroom furniture that she decided she likes to chew apart more than the block of wood I have hanging in her cage.  Which, BTW, she will NOT touch.  She acts like this monster chunk of wood hanging from the roof of her cage simply does not exist.  It does not impede her vision (as far as I can tell) nor does it entice her.  Blast!

I turn  my head to look on the back of the chair next to me.  Nope no bird sucking on the metal split ring that holds one of her noisy toys.  Yes, she just likes to suck on the metal.  Go figure.  There is a plastic toy with a bell hanging at each corner.  Again, no sale.  They just do not entice her.  She doesn’t like anything but her to make noise.  Which, she does incredibly well.  Especially, when she is mad at me.  I figured I might find her munching on frozen carrots, corn, lima beans, etc., that I put out for her everyday.  Again, no bird.

I finally realize I should look in her cage.  I looked through the black bars of her cage, on the braided colorful rope she perches on nor the box on the side of the cage she likes to chew on.  Ultimately, I looked on top of her cage.  I still could not see her.  There is a bird playground on top of her cage with lots of silly things.  None of which interest her.  However, the base is the same color green as her lower half.  Then, in the shadows (late at night and lights are low) her gray upper side made her near invisible.  I scrutinized her cage top and when I finally saw her.  It surprised me so much to recognize I was staring right AT her.  I was so surprised I actually jumped in my chair.  I could feel my heart skip a beat and a small shot of adrenaline blow through me.

Thank god the bird was safe and exactly where she ought to be.  Well, at least, on one of the half-dozen places she has control over.


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