Porta-Cath RemoveD

Porta-Cath REMOVED today. Damn thing has to be surgically implanted. Yet, it was removed as in-office procedure! I was so freaked out about being awake during it I took 15 mg of Oxycodone. Which, I had leftover from about a month(?) ago. Thank God Dustin drove me.

May I just say,”OWWWW!”

17 different local injections pre-procedure. Even so, Dr. had to stop three times because I FELT the sssss-cal-ple cutting/slicing into my flesh. Again and again fucking “OWWWWWW!”

Then, when stitching me closed I fully felt the last stitch.

It is now 5 hours later and may I say (boring to you but) “OWWWWWW!” to me.

Dr. apologized each time with true consternation and sincerity. He immediately stopped.each time and gave me a couple more shots of local anesthesia. Which, he initially pointed out has bi-carb in it to make it near instantly effective. Not baking soda type bi-carb. He told me because, being me, I asked.

He also, said I am unusual. The local anesthetic he gives” Rarely” fail to work. Well, of course, it works for EVERY body ELSE!

I am so Damn lucky. Well, over all I AM lucky. I am in the 80% cure rate, right.

Did I forget to tell you he <asked> if he could do a digital exam!?! He needs to palpate to feel if the tumor is gone. This was before the procedure. He felt nothing. He was glad since he could plainly feel the tumor at the beginning.

I do like this Dr. and trust him. I told him, “If I could let the various oncologists go in at the worst of it, I can surely let you in 6-weeks post treatment!”

We all (he, me, the Dr.-in-training, and nurse) laughed. Damn I can be funny. Even under bad circumstances. Yay me. Sigh.


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