Small World Example

10 days ago I get a call from a friend of about twenty-three years.  She still lives in Alaska where I lived for sixteen years.  I have not lived in Alaska for over thirteen years.  Though, we have remained friends throughout.

My friend tells me she is coming here in a few days for a three day work training seminar.  I was SO thrilled.  She did not know exact dates just yet.  She would call me as soon as she had the details.

The weekend goes by and I did not hear from her.  I am more than a little anxious and afraid I misunderstood the time frames.  Suddenly, my phone rings.  It is P!

I am shocked when I hear, ” I am here!”  WhattheWait where are you?  Here!  I am here in Oregon!  HOLY SHIT!! 
Where are you are you? 
I am at the hotel! 
I was waiting for you to call and tell me when you were coming in!? 
I did. 
This morning.  I left a voicemail.
I never, oh, shit, I see there was a voicemail.  The notification must not have shown up.  WHEN should I come pick you up?

I picked P! up and we went to dinner.  We talked for HOURS.  It was so great to see her in person.  She asked me when the last time was we saw each other?  I did not know.  We realized it had to be about twelve years since we spoke face-to-face.  Instead of phone-to-phone or email, or FB chat.

On her last evening she asked me which Shul I went to. When I told her I asked, “Why do you ask”?  She explained that she has a cousin who lives here.  She was pretty sure we went to the same Shul.  P told me her cousin’s name.  I was pretty sure I DO know P’s cousin!

P simply didn’t have much time to do the whole family thing.  She felt badly about it.  But, she felt thee simply was not enough time for the family re-get to know each other and hang time for us.  Choices.  It always comes down to choices.  And P flew home.

The next Shabbat I asked B if she had a cousin P?  B was completely shocked that I knew her cousin!  They had not seen each other for twenty years.  B introduced me to her parents anew.  We have met and spoken before.  But, this has an entirely new focus.  B and P’s Fathers are brothers.  It was like a flood gate opened between us.

Who knew that my friend would be so closely related to someone in my Shul.

Small world.


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