Lents Park Dog Attack

I remember living across the street from a 16 year-old who’s father had rented him a FOUR bedroom HOME!  Why does a 16 year-old need his own damn home?  The Dad did not live in the home with the boy.  The kids friends lived there.  They drank there.  They would play with the kid’s new pit bull puppy.  Can you guess what command these kids were trying to teach this adorable, sweet little dog?

Right.  ATTACK!  WTF???  ATTACK???!?!!?!?!?!  The first thing this little puppy should have been taught was STOP then, potty outside would make perfect sense.  But, without supervision this kid and this dog were set up for failure.  There were times when my then, husband and neighbor would have to go across the street to tell this kid and his friend’s to shut down the noise.  We both had little kids who needed to sleep.  It got so bad that I finally began calling the home’s owner (who I knew) when ever the noise level became too loud.  The owner was not at all happy about the late hours she was getting called.  Well, I told her, I was no more happy about having to endure this truly obnoxious behavior.  I still worry about that little puppy and who might have been hurt as a result of the irresponsible Father and his 16 year-old spoiled son.

I thought about this situation for the first time in years because, yesterday, Wednesday April 9, 2014, I was walking my dog in the park near my home.  She walks rather more slowly now than about six weeks ago.  I was taking her with me to a friend’s home.  She no longer is able to get into or out of my car on her own.  Crawling all over the car once I am out of it she has no problem with.  However, she always goes to one of two spots.  Either she is in my car seat or on the floor boards of the driver’s side EV ER Y single time I get back to the car.  It doesn’t matter how long I am gone or where in, my admittedly small car, despite where she began.

She loves to walk in the park.  Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Sunny, not quite warm, only slightly cool.  I was beautiful.  We had only placed our feet firmly in the park for a few minutes.  I heard a noise off to my left.  It took me a second to realize what had caught my attention.

I saw a woman on the ground in front of a large dog.  I realized she was crying and screaming at the dog, a pit bull.  There was a dark toy in its mouth.  It was shaking it around like a toy.  This small woman was trying to rescue her little dog from the pit bull.  Only the pit bull would not let it go.  Even though this dangerous dog was destroying her little black dog this woman was sitting on the ground, face-to-face with the pit bull.  She never stopped trying to rescue her beloved little dog.

This  little black-haired woman was the only one of the two pet owners trying to stop the pit bull.  What made this all the more horrid was that this pit bull was still ON its LEASH!  The fucking bitch who owned the pit bull was standing right there.  She was doing nothing!  Maybe she was trying to say something to her dog.  But, I could not hear her.  I kept wondering why she was standing upright.

Up right.  That means while the leash was clearly in her hand she was not trying to pull her animal back away from the crying desperate woman on the ground.  If she had her posture would have been either bent over the attacking animal tugging at it with the leash or by its harness She was letting her dog attack.  For all I knew she had encouraged it.  She just let it continue.  I was shocked.  Appalled.  I had my little dog with me and there was no way I was going to enter the fray.  I stayed back.  I did however, call the police.

Sadly, before the police could get there the pit bull finally let go of the poor little dog.  There is no way it could have survived this.  The young woman on the ground picked up her dog and held it to her screaming in horrible paid.  Crying and yelling at the pit bull’s leash holder.

As I learned later from a nearer observer the woman whose dog was attacked tried to get the pit bull leash holder to give her name and information.  Not surprisingly, the cruel woman refused.  She took her dog, who weirdly seemed to obey her, and simply walked to her car.  She was completely uncaring for the woman at her back sobbing and screaming and hugging her limp little dog to her chest unable to rise from the ground.

As the vicious leash holder began to walk away I could hear her telling the distraught woman that she should have kept her dog within the nearby off-leash dog park boundaries just feet behind her.  As if dogs recognize arbitrary human drawn lines.  Before I was aware I YELLED at her, “EVERY WHERE IS WHERE YOU MUST CONTROL YOUR DOG!

I could not see her license plate or make out the car.  The couple who had been only able to observe had come over to me.  They said they felt awful because neither of them felt able to go near the danger.  The man told me that the little dog had a huge chunk of flesh was ripped away from the little dog.  Leaving the poor little animals internal organs exposed with nothing to hold them in.  He kept repeating that as if he simply could not grasp or contain the information he had just witnessed.

The little woman was helped to her feet by some large male bystander.  He held her nearly carrying her under his arm up the hill away from the attack site.  Her white jeans carrying huge red stains in her lap and blotches of red down her left leg.

Unfortunately, the police came too late to catch the pit bull owner.  She and apparently her teenage daughter just walked with that marauding dog to their silver/grey car.  The license plate looked like a dealers advert plate.  I could not see into the window for a paper temp license.  I had taken a video of the last few seconds of the attack to the ending where the pit bull was uncaringly driven away.

No.  The video did not help us further identify the attacker to the police.  My phone has been failing to allow me to view photos and videos.  This is a frustrating problem that has been going on for a couple of months.  I feel terrible.  If there were something I could do to identify the pit bull’s owner I would at least feel like she might not get away totally scott-free.

This situation makes it so clear that it is not the animal who is at fault but, the animal’s owner.  I know many pit bulls of all sizes and variations.  Most are loving, happy dogs who would not hurt a fly.  The pit bull of yesterday’s attack was not so lucky as to have an owner who loved it and cared well for it have been trained well.  If this owner had control (or exerted control) over her dog or trained it not to be aggressive or muzzle the dog in public this tragic incident would not have happened.  Yet, it will be the next dog and anyone it has or will attack who will pay.



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