When Friends Get Sick

When friends get sick it is upsetting.  When friends get sick and their best friend and brother gets cancer it is devastating.  I spoke today with my friend of 45 years.  She has COPD and was hospitalized last week.  She is still there.  She will probably remain in the hospital for a few more days.  She contracted a virus the “Flu shot” missed.  Is a RhinoVirus a flu?  Anyway, she is pretty sure she picked it up at her grandson’s school fun night week before last.  Apparently, the RhinoVirus she got is the kind that runs rampant among pre-school and elementary age school children.  For kids it can be pretty hard.  For adults with any illnesses it can be much worse.

Her voice sounds strong but, more raspy than usual.  She also has a pressure sore on one hip.  This is a tough month for her.  Last week her younger brother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  She is in the hospital today and he got his port put in today.  He is at the hospital building next door to where she is.  Only a few hundred feet away and they might as well be across the world from one another.  Times like this can be devastating.

They are incredibly close.  They always have been.  This is very scary for her.  She so wanted to be there today for him.  She is comforted knowing his wife and two adult kids are with him.

She is also afraid of getting near him with the RhinoVirus.  It is the last thing he needs.  Her grandson has asthma.  She cannot have him or his Dad, Mom, or Sister visit either.  She is understandably terribly lonely right now.  She is more than worried for her brother than anything else.

I am glad we talked.  We talked for a very long time.  I am always worried about her when she gets sick.  She is the strongest woman and most remarkable person.  She always has been strong and has a great sense of humor.

I love speaking with her.  We do not get to see each other often.  We have always lived (as adults) at least 2,000 miles from each other.  Our oldest kids were able to know each other growing up.  They got to know each other at an even younger age than she and I met.  They, however, met under MUCH better circumstances.  I am and always will be grateful for the bad things that brought me to her school and her into my life.

I am praying for her brother.  His cancer is really bad.  They did not stage it.  He will undergo chemo and radiation to shrink (hopefully) his tumor and only THEN, will they operate.  What she told me is the surgery will be EXTREME.  It sounds awful.

The fact that I survived cancer is helping her, for now, believe in the positive outcome for her brother.  We talked a lot about my own experiences.  If my survival can help either of them keep their attitudes up I will be glad.

My thoughts and love are with them both.


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