January 21st Wrist

De Quervain’s syndrome.  Or is it a disorder.  Actually it is tendonsynovitis, tendonosis, tendonitis and just a completely painful thumb.  Oh, and longitudinal tears in those three tendons.  All of this just in my thumb.  And wrist and up my forearm.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Same damn wrist.

Deep Ganglion or Pully Cyst in the SAME wrist.   All of this per, at last, MRI.

I read the MRI report and actually highlighted the the parts of the report that state the specific problems.  I showed the report to my Chinese Doctor/Accupuncturist friend.  She helped me process the realities of tge report.  Validation.  Apparently, that is what I needed.  Validation.  You might have thought the MEI report alone would be valudating enough.  Or the surgeon discussing the results with me.  Nope I needed my friend to see it and talk with me about the problems.

I have been working throughout all of 2015 to determine the problems in my wrist and Hyperparathyroidism.  Funny this ailment is an “ism” and not a disorder or syndrome or itis or osis.  Took many tests to find the offending gland.  It was impossible to find.  At least, finding it where it belonged was impossible.  Because, the parathyroid gland was not in the neck where it belongs.  Oh, no, not me.  My offending parathyroid gland is no where near my neck.  My offending parathyroid gland is in my chest.  Seriously, my chest!  It was finally found snuggled up against my AORTA.  Fortunately, the cardio thoracic surgeon said it will not be a difficult surgery to remove.  Not for him anyway. He assured me there is, for now, no negative effect to my aorta.  Not even when the time comes for that surgery.

The most current surgery is on/in my right wrist.  Surgery is on the 21st.  Yep.  Tomorrow.  The surgeon said I will be in surgery for an hour.  If all goes well.

I will share that I have a recurring frightening vision.  I see myself laying on a cold surgery table with my arm spread out away from my body under stainless steel hooded bright light.  Lotsvif people standing around me wearing mushroom button top hair cap and comfy looking  ‘scrubs’.  I see my surgeon pressing a paring knife into my skin.  Suddenly, my thoughts are transpirted into the cartoon realm.  I see my hand pop off my arm.  Like a singular tiny explosion that makes no ucky shredded skin.  My hand pops off like a bullet and looks like Addams Family servant “Thing”.  AAAAHHHHHH!?!!!

I have friends driving me to and picking me up from surgical center to return my heavily drugged ass home.

The part of the surgery that concerns me most is the De Quervain’s release.  This surgery has a “cure” rate of 75%.  I totally hope I am in that larger group.  Because, having no hope but, to have to live with the intense pain in my thumb is scary.  It makes it hard/painful simply picking up a dinner (or breakfast or lunch or snack) plate.  The pain increase of that function causes me to rather, has cased me to drop plates or endure the pain.  I use two hands to pick things up.

So, cross your fingers for me tomorrow and say plenty of mishabayrakhs.  May my surgery be completely successful.

And thanks for your good wishes.


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