Day 3 Post-SSCD Surgery

Thursday.  Surgery was Monday.  I am in very little pain.  I am still taking minimal pain meds to insure the pain stays at a low-to-zero pain.  I have found out that I cannot open my mouth to allow a large bite of salad.  I cannot turn my head too far to the right or left which, still leaves me with quite a large range of motion considering these limitations.

I spoke to my doctor about the limitations and pains regarding the right side of my head.  My surgeon pointed out that the large chewing muscle, the Transmastoid, was pulled, held out-of-the-way and he had to make a “small cut” to it.  No wonder it hurts in certain circumstances.  I am grateful I am able to move at all considering how intrusive the surgery was.

I feel I am getting incredible care from all hospital staff.  The Case Manager began looking into finding me a placement into a Skilled Nursing Facility.  Apparently, my first choice is unavailable.  Frowny face.  They are still looking into the next option.  I have no clue when I could find out what is happening and where I am going.  Lack of solid information and timing is, I believe, understandable.  That was my way of validating my anxiety.

I have found out I am not allowed, for good reason, to sneeze, cough, blow my nose, bend over, lift.  I found out the hard way about not blowing my nose.  Because, I had to yesterday afternoon.  BLOWING was an automatic response to a full nose from having cried for a short time.

BIG MISTAKE!  I was immediately sorry I had and scared about the repercussion of negative impact on the surgical procedure.  I was absolutely certain the right side of my head had just split apart and was flying at a massive speed across the room.  I called in a nurse to take a look into my ear.  Right, like she could see through my eardrum into the very inner workings of my ear where the surgery site is.  She was very kind in humoring me and said she found nothing.  Which, did make me feel better

I reported this event to my surgeon later that day.  He strongly reiterated the importance of NOT doing that again.  No more crying for me, then.  I don’t know about you but, when I cry my nose flows like a lake having just breached the dam.  It ain’t pretty like just dabbing a small tear at the corner of an eye. I am a gusher.

I do still hear my heartbeat in my ear.  It is a lot like a doppler effect.  The sound is cyclically louder then, quieter as if it were moving away from me.  I am not sure this particular issue is better or worse than before.  Hmm.

My blood glucose levels are reducing.  Whew.  Apparently, taking steroids commonly raises blood glucose levels requiring insulin shots.  My fingers are all dotted with little red marks from the many, many finger pricks for blood testing over these few days.  I do like the fact that diabetes insulin needles are very fine and are nearly imperceptible.  Especially, since I am getting them three to four times a day.  As the level of steroids are being reduced so are the blood glucose numbers reducing.  Monday through Wednesday morning the BCG numbers hit 385 then, in the high 200’s.  This morning the BCG was a completely normal 120.  Still getting intermediate acting insulin as long as I am still on the steroids.  But, I am being tapered down from the higher dosages to nothing by Saturday.

I am still taking a minimum dose of Oxycontin to make sure I do not have pain break through.  I will be glad to feel my outer ear again at some point.  Maybe the doppler scream will stop soon, as well.  Until, then, here I am.

Surprised how tired writing this has made me.  Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the drugs.


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3 Responses to Day 3 Post-SSCD Surgery

  1. Dale Schwartz says:

    Michelle you are doing so well. The fact that you are not having much pain is wonderful. Sorry about the skilled nursing facility. I’m sure what they choose will be fine.

  2. K S F says:

    Remarkably clear writing, considering your condition. Did they tell you how to not sneeze or cough? Ro’feh ha cholim.

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