Culture Shock!

Pretty severe.  The hospital was so clean and bright and caring and organized and clean and DELICIOUS food and an easy and effective method allowing the patient to choose the right foods for a diabetic.

Right before the surgery my Blood Glucose (BG) tested by a test called an A1C.  The short version is this test somehow measures the average BG in the blood over a three-month period.  Which, is a lot easier than testing it every month then, averaging out the value to arrive at a number.  Who designs these tests and how to do them?  Do the people who research this stuff have a mean streak?  Telling me I have a problem I did not even know of or want to know was not a very nice thing to do.  Even if it turns out to be a life saver.   Imagine my four-year-old self feet firmly apart and hands planted on my waist with a scowl on my face.

I have been “pre-Diabetic” for several years.  I admit I eat too many carbohydrates (sugar).  Sugar and fats are so GOOD even if slightly too much can be bad for some of us. (Still pouting.)  Preparing for the surgery required a full “work up” to see what other problems or issues might impact the surgery itself and healing.

I don’t know if it was stress or what.  But, my A1C was scary high.  Surgery delaying high.  I worked the week prior to surgery with an Endocrinologist to get the BG down.  Which, worked.

I am five days post-surgery.  I was transferred into a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).  Not the top choice.  But, I had been told it was a good place.  WRONG!!!!  I was brought over from the hospital to the SNF.  The SNF was aware I was coming in sometime Wednesday.  A bed was waiting for me Thursday.  The ride over in a wheel chair transport was difficult.  Watching the road as we were driving triggered vertigo in a big way.  I breathed hard and deep hoping to prevent giving into the nausea in my stomach. [Note:  The following sentence was written in a state of exhaustion before, I realized how bad I felt]  I Îfdv

The food in here is made for those with no taste, nor taste buds.  I have requested no “tomato products.”  Unless, a tomato is hidden in a Five Guys Cheeseburger (or other equally good burger) I really do not like tomatoes.  However, in this SNF, Jane, the Registered Dietician, tried to convince me that the reason I get tomatoes on EVERY SALAD EVERY DAY is because, the kitchen staff may not consider a “tomato” as a “tomato product.”  HUH???

Apparently, she mistook my incredulity as acceptance.  She was wrong and I was very clear in telling her so.  The kitchen is run by a Dietician Tech.  Supposedly, they have a “Chef” not just a “Cook”.  I do not believe that either.  Proof is in the over cooked tasteless mush we are fed.

I asked Jane (real name. I refuse to use a false name in complicity to cover up the problems.) if it were possible to “Blanch” (not Golden Girl, Blanche Devereaux the self-aware openly sexual woman) vegetables so they are not mushy.  Jane said there are patients that have trouble swallowing so overcooking helps them.  As does, she says, the gravy on nearly everything they serve.  Except for the “scrambled” baked eggs.  Which, are actually acceptable.  Good?  No.  But, good enough.

If the dietary team here considers itself acceptable they are WRONG!

Breakfast went fine.  So little to look forward to.  Lunch was so-so and dinner a disaster.  Though, Jane did come back to visit me this afternoon and I was able to show her the problem.  A shitty kitchen.

Most of the staff are pretty good to wonderful.  That is HUGE.  There is no such thing as modesty in a hospital or a skilled nursing facility.  Just spoke to an RN who confirmed that “half this floor are diabetic.”  She agreed that there is “no Diabetic Diet here.”  I knew that.  I told her what Jane had said about tomatoes and she was incredulous.  We laughed.  You know one of those I cannot believe this insanity and yet, here I am in the middle of it becoming more insane from it situations.  We both shook our heads and harrumphed as she left offering me any help I might need.

My BCG after refusing the “Salmon Noodle Casserole” and the two so-called “fruit juices” which, are not allowed on my food trays was 98.  That was because, I ordered a cheese tray and ate the Chevre a friend had brought me several days ago.  This is when my blood sugars are good.

Hell, even I do not believe I can eat better in here feeding myself than I can at home.


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