What is SSCD (Superior Semi-Circular Canal Dehiscence) or Third Window Syndrome

Huh?  Yeah.  That’s what I thought.  A month ago I finally said I was tired of the sound of hearing underwater in my right ear.  Admittedly, the weird sounds are in both ears.  But, the right ear feels and hears like an underwater reverberation.  I had no doubt no one else could hear what I was hearing.

Friends would tell me that I should read this book or that book.  At first, about 5 years ago, I stopped reading.  Up until then, I was a fairly avid reader.  I would go through spurts where I would almost eat up books.  I liked a wide variety of subjects and authors.  I loved Vincent Bugliosi and Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Ursula Le Guin, National Geographic, Discover Magazine, and on and on.

All that just stopped.  Dead stop.  I didn’t tell people for another three years.  But, I felt that my friends must be wondering what would keep me from reading.  Unless, I was blind.  Well, that clearly was not the problem.  I wondered if they thought maybe I was illiterate.  I know how ridiculous that kind of thinking was.  Yet, there it was inside my head.  Along with all the noises inside my head that had become normal.  You imagine how you would have covered your inability to read.

About thirteen years ago I felt that the underwater sensation had gone on long enough.  So, I finally went to an Otolaryngologist aka ENT aka Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor.  I explained my symptoms.  He looked into my ears and said that my eustachian tubes had collapsed.  He explained that putting tubes (like in kids with lots of ear infections get.  But, neither myself nor my kids needed them), he explained in clear detail the process.  The idea of him cutting into my eardrum SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!

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