Vertigo In My Sleep

Last night was rough.  I do not know why it happened.  Not to mention in the early moments of my sleep.  It?  What is “It”?

VERTIGO was among the many symptoms I regularly experienced prior to and immediately subsequent to SSCD surgery.  About nine days ago I had finally stopped falling hard to my back or right.  At least, not every time I sit down.  However, by the time I go to bed at night I am tired.  It is not entirely out of my control whether or which direction I will go each night when I fall into my bed.

Nightly, I do experience vertigo when I turn over in bed.  EVERY TIME I turn over.  Which, I do A LOT!  The last time my vertigo was this bad since, returning home, was in the first several days.  It has been not been highly disruptive for long periods of time when I turn over.  I now know to expect this.  Though, fairly short-lived.  I do have to sit on the edge of my bed before standing up each time I need to use the bathroom.  Then, again, in the dark getting back into bed.  It takes a minute.

Last night I had already done all this.  No problem.  That is until, I realized I was barely asleep when the extreme dizziness hit.  My eyes naturally opened thinking this would break the pattern of uncontrolled swooning.  WRONG! I opened my eyes only to see the time on my ceiling (projected onto ceiling by my alarm clock) kept falling OFF the ceiling and slamming to my right trying its best to slam into the floor.  Then, I notice the light on the smoke alarm is synced up to this rapid falling off the ceiling to the floor on my right dance.

I spoke to my eyes ordering them to stop chasing the time lights from above to the right.  I said, “Stare straight ahead. Just STARE.”  Neither eye paid me any attention.  After trying this for a few minutes I was not getting any less dizzy or nauseated.  So, I decided to try closing my eyes.  I closed my eyes hoping to convince them to stop moving.  No words I mustered were going to change the eyes having it.  I kept my eyes closed for a few minutes.  Yet, each time I would open my eyelids the time over my bed continued its early April Fool’s Day trick on me.

I do not know what I did, if anything, to make my eyes finally stop their cavorting.  Thankfully, it slowed then, stopped.  It left me winded.  However, the next time I had to get out of bed, in the dark, I was dizzier than I had been in about a week.

That my eyes were misbehaving was not a surprise.  Since, the surgery my right eye refuses to track with my left eye. Which, is quite disconcerting.  When I first reported the problem to the nurses and my doctor in the hospital shortly after the surgery the doctor ordered eye exercises.  They are called VOR’s.  Visual(Vestibular) Ocular Reflex exercises.  I did these with the Physical Therapist in the SNF and I have continued to do them with a different PT at home.  My right eye was getting better.  Until, last night.

I had PT this afternoon.  She stands in front of me in order to look at my eyes and how they are tracking.  (Or not.)  I must say when she first told me she saw my right eye was not looking forward even though my left eye had returned from looking left to looking forward.  My right eye had not gotten that message.  It was still looking left.  Sometimes, my right eye jumps.  It does not move smoothly.

My right eye was getting better.  At least, it was until, last night.  Today when she looked on while I was doing my VOR exercises she noticed my right eye “sticking” or “jumping”.  Yep.  It gets stuck on an object longer than the other.  Sometimes, it looks as if that eye is “jumping”.  The jumping is when the severe vertigo seems to be triggered.  I think that may be what happened last night.  Though, I know not why.

I do need to see an Opthalmologist.  My surgeon and my primary doctors are both sending in referrals to my insurance to “pre-authorize” my being evaluated.  I await the grand “Pre-Authorization” decision.  It has already been a week.  tic tic tic tic tic…

In the meantime I continue to do my VOR exercises.

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