Just wrote the longest text message to my daughter and this monstrously looong text ocurred.  Pretty much how I talk.

We had talked yesterday about her bear encounter and my getting on her Sprint Family & Friends plan to save half of what I currently pay.

Text begins immediately following:

I am not going to get to the Sprint store anytime soon. Still cannot drive.  I AM getting LESS dizzy.  Unfortunately, I am still just dizzy enough.  I try not to bother my friends too much.  So, don’t give away my slot.  OK? 

I mean I DO need rides ALL the time for doctor’s appointments.  I have gotten pretty good with GrubHub (reliable and hot) and InstaCart for groceries 

I was talking to a friend yesterday, about all this shit.  Something I said SHOCKED her.  She thought the Otolith thing was directly and normally part of the SSCD, as well as the double vision and my eyes out of sync.  She just kept saying, “I didn’t know these were NOT all from the ONE surgery!”  Nope each is a discreet issue.

We were both crying a bit.  And, of course,  my car dies.  Can I get a fuckin’ break!?😝🤕

Anyway, it made me wonder if other people think the same thing.  Which, is entirely likely.  You would think with me telling everybody everything all the time I would have made this clear but, failed to make it clear.

Weird.  Right!?!

Haven’t watched the video yet.  I will after this.

OH!  Are you going to be in Tahoe-ish or Vegas in XXXXXXX?

Friends have invited me to their time share for a week at David Walley’s  http://www.davidwalleys-resort.com/ Hot Spring Resort.  If you guys are nearby I would LOVE to see you and spend a little time with you.


I keep wondering if she will read it because, it is so long.

I haven’t watched her Bear video, yet.  I will ASAP .  Cannot wait to safely experience her bear encounter.  LuckilY she was not attacked.  She has had TWO bear encounters this week.

The entirety of our lives in Alaska that was my greatest fear.  That and being found post-earthquake dead or badly injured sitting on the toilet at 3:00 am with my underwear down around my ankles.

Though, my bear fear NEVER stopped me and then, husband camping with my kids from her being 4 months old in a tent in Soldotna (I think) to our pop-up tent trailer when the kids were 13 and 11.

This is just outside the cab-over-camper.  She said she heard something rooting around before this.  Apparently, it was a young Grizzly.  She found Black bears have been extinct from there for years.

That blonde back should have been my clue.  Black bears can nearly always climb.  Grizzlies stop being able to climb because, they just get too big.  So, this one is probably the equivalent of a pre-teen = younger than two years-old.  Two year-olds we called “teenagers”.  They are Fucking rambunctious.   Especially, when it’s a pair.


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