About mishl53

About me. This is my first ever blog. I don’t believe I will post every day, much less every week. What I will post will be of interest to me. I would like to believe it may be of interest to more than a couple of you.

I have strong opinions. I have two ears. Though, one doesn’t work so well. I have two eyes that see much better with my tri-focals, two legs, each with a titanium hip (which doctors have commented that I am “too young for”.  I think so too.  I have one diseased liver (not of my own doing or viral. Something completely different. Which is exactly like me.) and I am deeply flawed. I have a good heart. Until my doctor tells me otherwise.

I believe in a man what is called confidence, intelligence, and well informed in a women the same characteristic is considered opinionated. How degrading. I am intelligent, and well informed, and I am somewhat confident. I want to believe I am always right. The reality, as with everyone, is that it simply is not possible. But, I still hold to that belief. Oh, I am stubborn.

I am a woman, womyn, wimyn, female, not male. I am a mother, life long dog owner/lover, I am divorced once and hopefully never again. I feel pain deeply and love deeply.

I like to embolden, italicize, and to underline items in my writing I think deserve to be emphasized.


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