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How to Make a Pinhole Projector to View the Solar Eclipse | Total Solar Eclipse 2017

NASA Design for SAFE ECLIPSE VIEWER Advertisements

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Just wrote the longest text message to my daughter and this monstrously looong text ocurred.  Pretty much how I talk. We had talked yesterday about her bear encounter and my getting on her Sprint Family & Friends plan to save … Continue reading

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A Woman of Contrasts

I was in Bellevue, Washington for the past two weeks.  I was celebrating a friend’s birthday.  It was also, a celebration of my own.  The last time we celebrated our Birthday’s we were EIGHTEEN years-old!!  There are a LOT of … Continue reading

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I am still quite subject to vertigo, as it is called.  Or, as I call it, “like the earth is spinning so hard it is purposely trying to THROW ME OFF OF THE PLANET!?  My eyes are, and I mean … Continue reading

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Vertigo In My Sleep

Last night was rough.  I do not know why it happened.  Not to mention in the early moments of my sleep.  It?  What is “It”? VERTIGO was among the many symptoms I regularly experienced prior to and immediately subsequent to SSCD … Continue reading

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Released from Caged Status or the SKILLED NURSING FACILITY

The last few days have been particularly scary.  The insurance (Medicare) on Monday decided that I would have made enough progress by Wednesday to go home.  Alone.  Without having looked at anything more than my speed of progress at being … Continue reading

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Walker and all.  Released Wednesday. 

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