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Doesn’t that explain itself?

A Woman of Contrasts

I was in Bellevue, Washington for the past two weeks.  I was celebrating a friend’s birthday.  It was also, a celebration of my own.  The last time we celebrated our Birthday’s we were EIGHTEEN years-old!!  There are a LOT of … Continue reading

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Day 3 Post-SSCD Surgery

Thursday.  Surgery was Monday.  I am in very little pain.  I am still taking minimal pain meds to insure the pain stays at a low-to-zero pain.  I have found out that I cannot open my mouth to allow a large … Continue reading

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Medical Whack-a-Mole

I always think that creating a Title for my posts is the most difficult part of creating any of my posts.  That is my thought each and every time I approach one of these ideas I want to write about. … Continue reading

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My daughter turned 28 today.  She is now the same age I was when I had her.  I feel sad.  I feel alone.  She lives in another state than I do.  I haven’t slept in three days.  Not really slept … Continue reading

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I Am an Ox

I seem to think of better titles to my articles or idea rants when nowhere near anything that I could write them down on.  Either because, I cannot take my smartphone out of my pocket fast enough to press the … Continue reading

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Driving Me…

Today was my first post-treatment Doctor’s appointment.  It was not to make a determination of whether the chemoradiation did its job.  Today’s point was to check my progress, health, and needs. My white and red blood counts are low.  The … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Race Lost or Won

Depends on who you were backing. Wednesday: The day started out in a drugged fog from using the medication properly to help me sleep from the evening before.  1mg Lorazepam at 10:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. still awake.  Watching TV and twisting … Continue reading

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